I don’t know if you can tell from the title of this post, but it’s “P” week around here. We’ve been working on one letter a week – what it looks like, what sound it makes, words that start with the letter, etc. And now we’re on the letter P.

So today we headed over to Pioneers Park and their wonderful Nature Center. And we pointed out everything along the way that started with P 🙂

Pioneers Park is my favorite place to take pictures of the boys, but I didn’t have any of Joshua there since he was so little last summer. I’m so glad he cooperated today!
We saw deer jumping through the water, geese with their goslings and elk resting in the shade. Lots of busy birds out as well – Jeremiah kept telling them to go back to their bird house! The boys were fascinated.

It was a perfect day to take in the beauty of God’s creation – in nature and in my boys.