As you all know, we elected a new president yesterday. For the past four years, I have been part of an online group called the Presidential Prayer Team. I wanted to pass along the prayer they have posted on their site and encourage you to be praying for our country and our president – current and elect – in these difficult times. Prayer is so powerful and has never been so important.

Give thanks for the outworking of God’s sovereign will in our nation through the votes of citizens as seen in yesterday’s election. Praise God for answered prayers as there were no major incidents and results were known with certainty. Pray for President Elect Obama to seek God and His will in every decision and plan that he makes, and pray for his safety as he travels and makes plans.

Pray for President-Elect Obama that he will be awed before God with the responsibility he has to seek His face as he prepares to lead the nation. Pray for a swell of support in prayer for him as he makes plans. Pray also for Senator John McCain, that he will have God’s grace as he returns to his former responsibilities.