Samson, our Compassion sponsored child, is six years old – the same age as Big J. Big J and I are starting to have great conversations about all sorts of topics – I can only imagine what discussions I could have with Samson right now. We receive sweet letters from him, but I’m sure there would be so much more if we could sit down and chat.

We have learned so much about Tanzania because of Samson and today “he” is blogging to pass this knowledge on to you! Please pray for the children of Tanzania as you read this…

{Photos were taken at the Compassion Experience display at the dotMOM Conference. Very humbling to get even a glimpse…}


Jambo from the plains of Tanzania! {That is hello in Kiswahili, our native language.}

My name is Samson. In this dry, flat land, I live with my mom and dad in a small home.

The floors are dirt. The walls are mud. The roof is tin. It is a place to sleep and for that I am thankful.

My parents sometimes work as farmers. Their income is about $12 a month, but jobs are quite scarce in this area. We are in desperate need of more job training and modern farming advances, as well as schools and teachers.

Our diet consists of maize, beans, fish, cassava, beef, rice, and potatoes. I help in the kitchen and bring water from the well to help my family. Our water supply is poor and we pray often for more clean water in our community.

I see lots of sick people, so I am thankful for the health of my family. Malaria, diarrhea, and HIV/AIDS are common health problems. We get checkups at the Compassion Student Center to make sure we stay healthy.

I also go to school and Bible classes at the Compassion center. This is also where I learned about my sponsors. They have a six-year-old in their family just like me!

It sounds like Big J and I have a lot of the same interests, especially soccer and reading. I would love to do those things with him someday. I think about about meeting him and his family a lot.

I like to draw pictures to send to my sponsor’s family. Big J sends me colored pages with Bible verses on them. I like to hang them in my home.

Big J and I also both love Jesus. I pray for him and his family and their letters say they pray for me as well.

Compassion introduced me to my sponsor, to hope, and most importantly, to Jesus. I don’t even know in all the ways this will change my life, but things are definitely look brighter for my future.


I was blessed to hear a former Compassion child tell her story at dotMOM last weekend. There were very few dry eyes listening to her speak. And now her and her family are sponsoring a child through Compassion.

You never know how much your sponsorship will change the life of a child in poverty for the long run AND for eternity.

This is the last day to sponsor a child during Blog Month and help reach the goal of 3,108 children sponsored in September! Maybe a child from Tanzania is on your heart?