I usually read the chapter for each week of this book club early in the week and then work through the Bible verses at the end of each chapter throughout the week.

This week I didn’t even get to the chapter until yesterday. And God had a reason.

I was in a funk. Not sure how else to describe it, but was just feeling blah.

I took out Sally’s book later in the afternoon and started reading…

She was talking right to me. She was telling her story about feeling overwhelmed and letting “murky thoughts and feelings” take over. That was exactly how I felt yesterday.

Thank you Jesus for shining your light into that darkness yesterday.

I woke up today with a fresh perspective and a new focus – God’s perspective and a focus on Him and His blessings that surround me.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, trapped, unworthy – any of those dark feelings – I have two things to share from Sally today.

First, about those thoughts…

“Having negative thoughts and feelings is not wrong, and they are not necessarily sinful. What I do with those thoughts and feelings, though, will determine whether they become the seeds of increasingly sinful attitudes and actions, or of a stronger spiritual life and dependence upon God.”

Secondly, what to do to find the light in the darkness…

“First, I must choose to faithfully depend upon God.

Then, I must faithfully obey God.

Finally, I must faithfully wait on God.”

The first two made sense to me – trust Him and do what He says. But the third one – waiting on Him – was a little fuzzy.

How does waiting on Him help bring light when I am struggling? Doesn’t that just make it more frustrating?

But waiting is all about one word: HOPE.

Doesn’t HOPE sound better than WAIT?!

Today, I am hoping in the Lord and looking to what HE says about me and that is just the light I need.


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