Wow. Can this really be the last week of our book club already?!

I can’t even tell you what a blessing this book has been to me. Every week it seems the chapter speaks to right where I am in my homeschooling and mothering journey. God knew I needed this book at this very time.

And this week was no different. Even more relevant, if that is possible.

Enduring with grace – I did no such thing this week. I struggled big time as attitudes in the house were less than desirable. Including my own.

I feel so fortunate that most things come “easy” to Big J when it comes to school. There is not much we have encountered so far that he thinks is too difficult.

But that doesn’t mean work ethic and attitude have been top notch.

This week there was yelling and crying and talking back and giving up and…

Oh, just not a great week. A horrible week if I’m being honest.

How wonderful to read that Sally has had times like that as well – isn’t nice to know we’re not alone?!

I needed to endure when character training didn’t seem to work, and when rebellious attitudes and sinful fusses derailed my teaching.

Yep, that was our week.

In discussing the week and our struggles with the hubby yesterday, I realized the frustration wasn’t coming just from the attitudes of the children, but also on my insistance that the character issues needed to be fixed RIGHT NOW so we can get back to school work.

Through our talk, the hubby helped me realize that we might have some “slow” school weeks as we train our children in character. Why hadn’t I given myself permission to realize that? It’s not ALL about getting right back to our school work.

And there is no giving up.

One thing I know for sure – if I don’t endure, there will be no fruit to enjoy.

I’m making a plan. I will change things up. I will watch for signs of frustration. I will be diligent and intentional.

And I will endure. Hopefully, with grace.

Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will f God, you may receive what was promised. ~Hebrews 10:35-36

I’m praying you can do the same. Because these sweet moments of learning with family are so worth it…


Thank you, friends, for sharing the experience of this book with me. It has deeply affected me and I appreciate your help in staying accountable to finish it! Doesn’t that feel great?!

And THANK YOU, Sally, for sharing such honest and encouraging words through everything you write! I am so grateful.

What are your thoughts from this week? Leave a comment below or link up your post – for the last time! And have a blessed weekend!