How is your reading going, ladies?

I’m finding it goes SO fast because I just want to keep reading!

Might I offer an idea?

Take time to read the actual chapter early in the week. Then, split up the Bible verses at the end of each chapter throughout the rest of the week to really soak it all in! It is a great chance to really study what the Word has to say on that week’s topic! Finally, finish up the week with the application tips!

So what stuck with me this week?

“In the same way that Jesus often retreated from the needy crowd to spend time alone with God, I need to get away from the needy crowd in my home to be with the Lord and to draw from his restful waters.”

I may have underlined this quote SEVERAL times in my book because it was SO crucial for me to hear and remember.

Even JESUS needed time away from those He took care of.

I need time away from my “needy crowd.” And I don’t think Sally meant “needy” as offensive in any matter – it’s just a fact that our children need us.

After several weeks of “grumpy, frazzled mommy,” I knew I needed to change something in our day and THIS quote was the key.

What did we do?

I’m still having a tough time getting up as early as I would like to {not giving up!}, so I knew there needed to be another “refreshing time” in my day. So, as soon as we are done with school each afternoon, we all have thirty minutes of quiet reading time.

This “quiet reading” time comes with a few rules {for them AND me}:

1. Little J can’t read, but still enjoys looking at books so he “reads” in his room where he can look at as many books as he wants from the shelf.

2. Big J likes to read aloud, so he goes in my bedroom or on the beanbag chair in the school room so I can still have my “quiet” time.

3. Neither is allowed to leave their designated reading spot until the timer beeps.

4. I MUST read during that time. No blogging, no chores, no Twitter or Facebook or crochet. Reading is restful and rejuvenating to me – the others often leave me drained or frustrated or suck me in for longer than thirty minutes.

After only a week of implementing this reading time, I already cherish it. It is doing for me exactly what I hoped it would. Thank you Jesus!

How are you finding time to “get away from your needy crowd” for rest and refreshment in your day?

Share your thoughts in the comments or link up your blog post!

And have a happy weekend!