I’ve been studying about fear quite a bit in my quiet time recently.

While the Scriptures I’m reading have brought lots of God-given courage and comfort, talking about fear in any matter does tend to leave one unsettled.

In the past week, I’ve been rattled by fears of all kinds, from thunderstorms {our house was hit by lightning last fall} to messing up my children on their way to adulthood to stepping out in faith on a big project God laid on my heart.

Peace has evaded me. And that was even before yesterday afternoon. By 9:30 a.m., I had already yelled {more than once} at my oldest, had enough of the littlest’s nonstop fussing {teething}, and wasn’t sure I would ever again get a calm thought in my head with all the noise surrounding me.

And then news of the tragedy broke.

Peace is really hard to find in our world. It’s also hard to find in our souls. I found myself crying out to God for peace as the day wound down. I knew my heart needed to be refocused. Maybe yours does, too.

These Scriptures started me on a journey of praying peace over myself, my family, my friends, our community, Boston, our country, our world…but not just the kind of peace where everyone just “gets along” and doesn’t shoot at each other.

The definition of peace in the Life Application Study Bible is:

a state of tranquility or quiet; a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity; harmony in personal relations, especially with God; a state of security or order within a community; freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions

Yes. To all of those.

And that peace I need, the peace my family needs, the peace our world needs can only come from one source – Jesus.

When it seems the bickering between brothers won’t stop – Jesus, bring Your peace.

When another tragedy breaks on to my TV – Jesus, bring Your peace.

When my mind is fixated on worry and fear – Jesus, bring Your peace.

How badly I need these Scriptures and short prayers planted deeply in my soul to bring peace through any storm. Please join me in praying them for your loved ones – and for yourself.

Prayers for Peace

Ten Scripture-Based Prayers for Peace

1. Lord, shine Your Light into our dark world so that we may follow the path of peace. {based on Luke 1:78-79}

2. Holy Spirit, fill us with Your power to turn from evil and find peace. Give us the strength to maintain peace wherever we are able. {based on Psalm 34:14, Romans 12:18}

3. Jesus, guard our hearts and minds in your Mighty Name with the peace that transcends all understanding. {based on Philippians 4:6-7}

4. Lord, fit our feet daily with the shoes of peace that come from the Good News, so that we may spread Your peace to the whole world at any time. {based on Ephesians 6:15}

5. Heavenly Father, reign over our lives as the God of Peace and cast out the confusion and disorder that has taken over. {based on 1 Corinthians 14:33}

6. God, bring Your peace to our land. Protect our hearts and minds as we lay down to sleep each night. {based on Leviticus 26:6}

7. Jesus, Your death and resurrection brought victory over evil and sin. Help us to live as overcomers, in peace despite the troubles of this world. {based on John 16:33}

8. Lord of Peace, fill our hearts and minds with Your peace at all times and in every situation. {based on 2 Thessalonians 3:16}

9. God, as we pursue peace in this world, surround us with others who call on You with the same heart. {based on 2 Timothy 2:22}

10. Jesus, my eyes are fixed upon You. Let Your Spirit fill me with life and peace. {based on Romans 8:6}

And in the wake of yesterday’s heartbreaking tragedy at the Boston Marathon, let us lift up all those affected – the victims, the families and friends, the first responders, the witnesses – and remember He is there holding each one…

Psalm 3418

This is where God took me on my God-sized dream journey this week. He and I have talked long and hard about fear and peace and comfort and faith. This week was hard, but important to this path He has me traveling. Read more about how God has spoken to other God-sized dreamers at Holley’s place today and link up your own post.