Sometimes – many times – God just works things out more perfectly than we can ever imagine. And that’s what happened when Allie {The Purposeful Housewife} e-mailed me about guest-posting here at Home with the Boys!

First, the post really spoke to me and I knew it would to many of you as well. Secondly, it couldn’t have come at a better time with the not-so-great week we’ve had – a guest post was JUST what I needed. And thirdly, I love hosting new friends and sharing them with you!

Please welcome Allie and leave her some comment love! Thanks for sharing your heart with us girl!


A dear friend once said something that really stuck with me. “A mother sets the tone for her entire family’s day in the first ten minutes she’s awake.” A morning in my house last week proved this to be true. I woke up late, heard my kids and husband in the kitchen and jumped right out of bed. Before I knew it, Brian was out the door for work, Bella, my two-year-old, was begging me to read to her, Leeland, who is seven months, was ready for his morning nap, and I hadn’t even brewed my coffee yet. I was cranky, developing a headache, and in desperate need of a minute to myself, and it wasn’t even ten o’clock. Not a good start.

The rest of the day mirrored it’s lousy beginning. I finally got the kids settled with snacks and a movie, climbed in the shower, and tried to relax. Feeling clean and a little better about the day, I got dressed and went to check on my littles. My eyes were seeing it, but I didn’t believe it was happening…

Bella was finger painting her brother with poop.

Yup. Poop.

After I finished yelling, much scrubbing and sanitizing followed. I also shed a few tears of pity for myself. I pulled myself together long enough to whip up some dinner. Afterward, I was done. It was one of those nights you just want to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to a fresh start. I wanted to pretend the day never happened. But it did. Unfortunately, there is no reset button. Whose stupid idea was that? I put the kids to bed early (really early), made myself a hot cup of tea and honey, then nestled into my couch. With journal and pen in hand, I breathed a deep sigh and waited on the Holy Spirit. I needed the soothing voice of my Savior to comfort me. I needed Him to tell me it would be okay because I did my best. However, that’s not what He had planned. The words of my friend came to my mind…

 “A mother sets the tone for her entire family’s day in the first ten minutes she’s awake.”

I thought back to my first ten minutes. Ohhh. It all made sense now. I felt the creeping of guilt and regret for my behavior. Embarrassed at my stupidity, I closed my eyes and quietly confessed my attitude as sin. It was then that I felt the peace only our God can bring seep into my spirit. Then He spoke…

Allie, my child, give your days to Me before they start. Stop taking them into your own hands.

To know that the Creator of everything, the Savior, Jesus Christ has a deep desire to help me… what sweet relief! I do not have to carry my burdens alone. I do not have to be in control of everyone and everything. Jesus wants to walk with me and handle the day for me. Incredible.

I felt a beautiful sense of freedom wash over me. The Lord was cleansing me with forgiveness as He reminded me that tomorrow is always a fresh start. There is a reset button!

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His mercies never fail; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:22-23

 Tomorrow has the potential to be beautiful. The tone of each day is up to me. Yes, things can and will go wrong; the poop incident would still have happened, but circumstances don’t bring happiness. Happiness is a choice. My reaction to the disaster could have been very different, and it probably would have been if I had started my day out right. It’s much easier to choose joy when your day starts out right- with peace, prayer, and releasing your grip on things.

And so, tomorrow I will wake up early enough to take a deep breath, give the day to the One who already holds it in His hands, and be inspired by the potential of the life I have been given. Once I leave my bedroom and greet my family, the next ten minutes, the entire day, are riding on me. The most important time of the day is before your feet hit the ground.

“If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.”



Allie is the wife of her best friend and sweetheart, and the mommy to a two-year-old and seven-month-old. She has a passion for God and writing, and combines her two loves on her blog, where she is known as “The Purposeful Housewife”. She writes about being a faithful Jesus-follower first, a Proverbs 31 wife second, and a nurturing mother third. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter!