I’m a football fanatic.

Have we discussed that in length here?

You already know we are die-hard Husker fans, but how about my other love?

Ah yes, I back the Pack. Through thick and thin. Brett Favre or no Brett Favre.

And Big J joins me in that love.

The other two – not so much. The hubby is a Colts fan (and I like them as well), and Little J, even at two years old, is convinced he likes the Bears (thanks a lot, Uncle Nick).

But whoever it is, I just love Saturdays and Sundays from September through January.

I will watch football all day long, no matter who is playing. I just love the game. And I love the community it forms between fans – game-watching parties, tailgating, even supporting your team on Facebook or Twitter! Such fun!

And yesterday, it got even better, because the Packers beat the Bears (sorry Little J!) to stay alive and move on to the Super Bowl!!!

Nothing like a big win by your team to take the edge off an ear infection!

I love football.


How do YOU feel about football? Blessing or curse? And if it’s a blessing, who’s your team?!

And more blessings from my week…

141. A chance encounter with a wonderful Christian healthcare worker not afraid to share her faith.

142. A hubby who cares enough to make me go to the doctor.

143. A hubby who gets the kids fed and napping while I go to the doctor.

144. A surprise girls’ night out planned by our husbands (who also watched the kids!).

145. The little guy crawling into bed with us early and going back to sleep!

146. Driving for Big J’s field trip to make their own pizzas!

147. Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer.

148. Skype.

149. The library.

150. A four-year-old with a hunger for books.

151. The hubby whistling about the house.

152. Staying warm at home while the snow falls and the temps drop.

153. A surprise coffee drop-off from a beautiful friend.

154. Better-Than-Anything Cake (or whatever you call it…)

155. A fantastic preschool teacher who will be sorely missed when she starts her maternity leave today.

156. Mom’s sugar muffins (made by me this time, but makes me think of her!)

157. Texting with my sis.

158. Antibiotics.

159. Raspberry lemonade.

160. Journey. Yes, I mean the band. (Have you seen the live concert from Manila?!)

(What a random list this week!)

Hoping this week is filled with blessings for each of you lovely friends!