I’m sharing a broccoli “recipe” our whole family loves over at Raising Hearty Boys today! The boys would not touch broccoli before we tried it this way! Enjoy!


My life has consisted of more reading than writing lately, so I don’t have a lot of original thoughts to share. But I have LOTS of words of inspiration and growth and challenge swirling around in my head, like these…

Stopping and Staying

I’m trying to savor as much stillness as I can in the midst of our busy schedule, and even creating more stillness whenever possible. In the midst of birthdays and and upcoming retreat and our normal hustle-and-bustle, I crave time to just stop, stay, and feel His presence. 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life has been really challenging me, not only in my Sabbath-keeping, but also in finding rest and renewal in everyday life. The “stops” are becoming more frequent and my soul can feel the difference.

How are you doing with stopping these days?


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