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Would you believe that a game my parents played at a New Year’s Eve party has become a family favorite AND a great way for teaching left and right to our kindergartener?!

Little J started taekwondo this summer. While he LOVES it, taekwondo makes it quite obvious he has some work to do in knowing right from left.

My mom came to stay with us for a few days so I could get some things done around the house, and she brought with her the game Left Center Right.

Teaching Left and Right

This pocket-sized game consists of three dice and some yellow chips in a cute little tube.

Left Center Right pieces

Each die has words or symbols on it with the following directions attached to them:

  • Left – pass a chip to the person on your left
  • Right – pass a chip to the person on your right
  • Dot – keep a chip
  • Star – put a chip in the center

Everyone starts with three chips. You roll all three dice on your turn and do whatever the dice tell you to do! If you have three or more chips on your next turn, roll all three dice again. If you have less than three chips, roll only as many dice as the number of chips in your possession. Two chips? Roll two dice! One chip? Roll one die!

Playing Left Center Right

Here’s the interesting part – if you lose all your chips, you’re not necessarily done for the game! You may get passed a chip on the next turn! The game isn’t over until only person is left with chips, and that person gets all the chips in the middle.

There are so many reasons to love Left Center Right! Besides teaching left and right, I can slip it in my purse and take it anywhere we go {including my cousin’s wedding next weekend}! You can play one quick game or several in a row. You don’t have to keep score, but for more competitive players, it’s an option!

We just finished a game and I’m off to play another! Hope your family loves Left Center Right as much as we do!

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