2012 has been a blessed year here at Home with the Boys, both for our family and for the blog.

I have so enjoyed connecting with LOTS of new readers! Your comments and interactions on Twitter and Facebook just make me grin from ear to ear. Seriously.

And God has been stirring new things in my heart for our home and for this place that I cannot WAIT to share with you! My heart races at the thought of how He is moving, but He is also teaching me patience and the perfection of His timing, so I will follow His leading as I blog here in 2013!

I’m also working on a blog redesign, but family comes first, so it’s taking a little longer than I originally planned! And that is just fine with me!

To wrap up the year at Home with the Boys, I’d love to share the top posts from 2012, just in case you missed any of them! And maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing YOUR favorites here in the comments? I always love knowing if someone enjoyed a certain post or series – keeps me connected with your hearts!

Here are the most viewed posts of 2012 at Home with the Boys…

1. Big, Beautiful {Paper} Snowflakes {Tutorial}

2. Jesus Storybook Bible: Advent, Curriculum, Collector’s Edition, and More! – And actually, this post about the Jesus Storybook Bible from TWO YEARS AGO was still my most viewed post of the whole year, even though it wasn’t written this year!

3. The Great Water Balloon Alternative

4. Apologia Science {Curriculum Review}

5. End Your Day Like the Robertsons

6. Seize the Day {Why It’s My Fault the Kids Are Driving Me Crazy}

7. 31 Days of Family TiesBy the way, this whole series was the best thing to happen to my writing in a LONG time. God was all over this one and He is continuing to use it in my life ALL. THE. TIME. I think it was for me as much as anyone!

8. Dear Friend – If you didn’t read this post earlier this year, PLEASE do now. It is always my heart for every woman I come in contact with, on the blog and in real life.

9. Raising Gentlemen: Manners Boot Camp

10. This Is My Job

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my “Word of the Year” for 2013 and a few exciting things I am blessed to be a part of in the coming year! Until then…

Happy New Year!