Wednesday night, he took a big step…

and graduated from preschool!

There were adorable songs being sung and this mama was so grateful for a preschool that teaches a love for the Lord right alongside letters, numbers and manners.

I definitely teared up as they sang “Thy Word.” Oh my heart.

And then they got their diplomas…

Of course, my pic of him actually GETTING his diploma didn’t turn out, but you can just barely see it in his hands there!

Big J and his buddy E were not in the same class, but they have been friends since birth and her parents are some of our closest friends. So fun to share the day with them!

And he was blessed to have TWO amazing teachers this year…

Mrs. K was his teacher from the beginning of the year and he loved her right away! She did a wonderful job encouraging and teaching him -he grew so much right away!

She left at the end of January to have that precious baby boy in the picture and now gets to be a stay-at-home mom! I am so happy for her!

Mrs. W came when Mrs. K went on maternity leave and Big J adored her as well. Changing teachers mid-year can be really rough. but not in this case!

Mrs. W was so sweet and encouraged Big J in his blossoming reading skills. We were so thrilled to have another sweet teacher to finish out the year!

Big J will miss his wonderful preschool, but he is ready to start kindergarten right now! We are so excited for Little J to be a part of the same preschool next year!

Happy graduation Big J! We are so proud of you!


In other news, this is what we’re up to with the little guy today…

Big brother picked out a bunch of stickers to try to encourage him…

A good effort, but not working so far…9:10 a.m. – one accident and no potty in the chair.

We shall overcome.

Happy weekend to all of you!