Yep, it’s actually me writing today!  I’m LOVING these fabulous guest posts, but I figured I should probably take a turn!


My four year old is noticing this more and more all the time.

I was changing a friend’s daughter’s diaper not long ago and he happened to walk by. “Mommy, did her man parts fall off?”

Oh, how I love these conversations. And I know there will be many more in the years to come. I’m trying to brace myself. (And hoping I win this giveaway from Mirinda’s blog to help me out!)

But for those who think the differences between boys and girls end where my son’s physical observation did…

You are sorely mistaken.

How do I know?

I am a GIRL trying to raise two BOYS.


We do NOT think the same way. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Our minds do not process information in the same way and we develop very differently.

And if you don’t want to trust my opinion – even though I’m living it right now – I am sure there are moms of both boys AND girls out there who would vouch for this in the comments (help me out ladies!).

But here is my point…and it’s not a new one…

God made us differently on purpose. We’re not SUPPOSED to think and act just like each other.

Man and woman He created them.  It is wonderful and frustrating at the same time.  I wouldn’t change a thing about boys – I just want to reach their hearts in the way that is best for them.

And that’s why this M.O.B. Society is so great to me.  This idea didn’t come to me because I know it all – FAR from it.  It came because I was looking for encouragement, connection, Biblical answers to how to raise our boys.  We haven’t even launched the site yet and I am already finding all of these things in this community of women!

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And you are TOTALLY going to want to stay tuned in the next few weeks for BIG happenings!  God is moving in mighty ways to help us raise up a generation of godly men – won’t you please join us praying for this ministry as we step out in faith?