The M.O.B. Society is rolling right along and we wanted to fill you in on a few exciting things coming to a computer near you very, very soon…

Our writing team has been assembled. And what a team it is! God brought together an amazing group of women to share their experiences as mothers of boys – and even one father of boys who will contribute monthly as well! If you are on Twitter, check in with us on Friday as we share more about the team!

Speaking of Twitter, there are over 200 people following The M.O.B. Society (@themobsociety) and close to the same number of “likes” on our Facebook page! Why do I mention these numbers? Clearly, God is meeting a need by connecting moms of boys all over the country – we need each other!

And I want to take this chance to remind you to invite your boy mom friends to get involved – it’s not just for bloggers and tweeters!

You can now go check out a little preview of what’s to come and get filled in on some important dates at the new M.O.B. Society website.

So many fun and exciting things coming your way – I just love surprises!  And that includes a giveaway just for moms of boys related to our new site over at The Tuckers Take Tennessee tomorrow!

I cannot wait until Monday night and Tuesday – how about you?!?!

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