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Time for the Lord     

What does schedulemean to you? Wikipedia explains it as:

A timetable or schedule is an organized list, usually set out in tabular form, providing information about a series of arranged events: in particular, the time at which it is planned these events will take place.      

Before having children, I talked to many moms who didn’t really have a schedule set in place and they seemed so confused, upset, frustrated with their kids, and just seemed to be always frazzled about something. Then, my sister (who is quite the scheduler) told me about how she ran her family of 8 and it all clicked and made sense.      

 I’ve always been a “scheduler” and love having things in order. When I became a mom – now of TWO boys – I figured I had to have this order in my life or else my life, children, and marriage would be out of control. I crave order and have learned that most everyone craves order and schedules whether they are good at making that happen or not. So, why wouldn’t babies/children love it? 
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6  
Having a schedule and routine early on with your children will “train” them to have it later on. Without a schedule, my child wouldn’t know when we do our quiet times in the morning, when we have family bible study at night, or when we go to church. I think this is an important thing to teach even the youngest of ones.    

Those who don’t have a set routine often feel confused and unable to focus and accomplish things.  It has been said the first three years of life is when children learn the most, so why not take that opportunity to really invest in them, in their hearts, and teach them how daily routines can help us?!     

I realize different things work for different families, but I always love to share what has worked for ours just in case it might help and work for another family out there.     

So, what does a normal day look like for us?      

6:00-6:30am: I wake up, have my quiet time, and get a few chores done, check email      

7:00-7:30am: Kids wake up, make our beds, brush our teeth, put on clothes     

7:30am: Breakfast     

8:00am: Morning devotional together as a family/husband leaves for work     

8:30am: Run errands or play with the boys     

9:30am: My youngest takes his morning nap and I do “school” with my 4 year old.      

10:30am: I finish up some daily chores and get lunch started     

11:30am: Youngest son wakes up, and it’s lunch time!     

12:00pm: Run errands or play     

1:30pm: Read books together and get ready for nap     

2:00-4:00pm: Both boys sleep or have quiet rest time and I get some stuff done around the house and have my “rest time”.     

4:00pm: Both boys up and I start cooking dinner, they play together on the floor     

5:00pm: Dinner and husband home from work     

5:30pm: Family time (play, go to the park, etc)     

6:30pm: Baths     

7:30pm: Snacks, read books, start getting ready for bed.     

8:00pm: Bedtime     

With this schedule, our kids know exactly what to expect and are much happier than days when we don’t have a schedule. Yes, there are days when our schedule is loose or we’re out of town and don’t really stick to our set routine, but for the most part, the above schedule is how we go about our days.     

I always love to hear about other mothers’ days and how they have their routine set up. It’s fun to make “tweeks” and add things or take things out that don’t work for us.  In the next year or so, we are going to start doing some mission work with our children. We are going to set a “schedule” and make one or two mornings a week when we go to nursing homes and be with the elderly, help pickup trash around town, take food to the homeless, etc.     

I personally feel that this is one of the most important things you could teach your child. Routines help you accomplish and what better things to do than to accomplish and tackle things for the Lord.     

The MOB Society is such a great tool that Brooke and Erin have created! I can’t say enough good things about it. As a mom to two boys, I’m always looking for new tips, a good laugh, and friendships with other moms of boys. All you ladies are amazing and I’m blessed to be in this with you!     

Some useful tools that have helped me get organized and make an easy schedule to stick by are: making and keeping up with a household notebook (click here for more details), MomAgenda Day PlannersReal Simple, and Organized Home.     

If you ever want to chat with Meghan, feel free to contact her ANYTIME: @meghantucker on Twitter and through her blog.   


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