20130424-220352.jpgThis post was co-written with my eldest son, Big J, who will turn 7 this Saturday, which doesn’t even seem possible. It was a blessing to share this experience with him, brainstorming and storytelling and hoping to make a difference. I think we shall do this “writing blog posts together” thing more often as a part of homeschool language arts 🙂

The Repentant Mosquito

My name is Mooski. I lived in Tanzania at the time of my conversion. My buddies, Mesquite, Mason, and I hung around the crowded parts of the village. If we got swatted away by one person, there were lots of other humans to choose from. It was blood-sucking heaven.

After biting and feasting, we would head to the outskirts of town to rest. Life was pretty good. We were doing the only thing we knew how to do to survive.

Then my eyes were opened to a whole different side of life…

It was a normal Thursday evening. We liked to venture out for a “meal” as evening came because we were harder to spot in the darkness. Instead of a crowded marketplace, I made my way into a home. I found four people – a mother and three children – in that home and I went about my business of feeding myself.

But as I flew around, I noticed a very sick little boy and overheard a conversation that changed my life…

“If only we had access to those nets – the ones that keep the mosquitos away. He would have never been sick. He would still be laughing and playing. The malaria has taken that life from him.”

They were talking about me! I was making people sick and I didn’t even know it! I thought I was just getting a meal!

It was such a sad scene. And it was all because of me and my kind. Now every time I flew by a human, I could only think of that sick, dying little boy and suddenly, blood wasn’t so appealing anymore.

I left that human-biting world over 6 years ago now for a life feasting among the flowers. I’ve shared my story with other mosquitos and, together, we’re on a mission to do our part to stop the spread of malaria. Now won’t you join us?


Today is World Malaria Day.

Big J and I first learned about malaria together when we raised money for Nickels for Nets.

Compassion International is doing great things to stop the spread of malaria through their Malaria Intervention Initiative. I could hardly contain my emotion as Big J and I read that a child dies every 30 seconds from this preventable, treatable disease.

There are lots of ways to help, but we love that Compassion attacks malaria in three ways: prevention, education, and treatment. A $20 donation to the Malaria Intervention Initiative will provide two treated mosquito bed nets for at-risk children.

On this World Malaria Day, say a prayer. Give a little. Give a lot. Spread the word.

Just do something and let’s end this disease together.