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This post by the brilliant Amanda (Oh Amanda, Impress Your Kids) over at the MOB Society last week inspired the project-loving teacher in me to pick up a roll of craft paper and get to to work on this…

Our “Helping Hands & Thankful Tree.”

We traced tiny hands, brainstormed ways to help others and put ourselves in the “thanks” AND “giving” mood.

Hands go up on the tree as our ideas are fleshed out. More ways to give are always around us.

We track our blessings on the calendar – thanks to be shared a week from Thursday around a food-filled table.

We strive to make this – the spirit of thanksgiving – a part of our every day, not just November.

holy experience

And I continue to count my way slowly to one thousand gifts…

41. Early morning time with Him.

42. Warm, over-sized sweatshirts.

43. Ruffles. Beautiful ruffles.

44. Diet Sioux City Sasparilla in bottles – delightful.

45. Unexpected surprises from the hubby.

46. The joy of working with my hands.

47. Girls’ night.

48. Friends who call, text, email just to say hi.

49. Party mix – my FAVORITE fall food.

50. Watching nature’s decor change with the seasons at the hand of the Master Artist.


How do you and your family get – and stay – in the spirit of thanksgiving?


You are always welcome at Home with the Boys – please join us on the journey!