There are words everywhere.

Billboards. Magazines in grocery store checkout lanes. People holding signs by the side of the road. On the channel guide.

 A whole lot of words I really don’t want my children to see.

But there they are. And I have one fluent reader and one early reader.

Both are curious and inquisitive and lots of questions are asked.

Poverty I can handle. We’ve had conversations about homelessness. Faith differences have been discussed.

But there is one question I am very thankful has NOT been asked as of yet…

Mommy, what is abortion?

No, I’m not writing about abortion today.

This is about explaining the hard things to your children. It is weighing heavy on this mama’s heart.

Last year, as I drove our preschool carpool every Tuesday morning, a group of people gathered in front of the future site of a Planned Parenthood. Most of them were just standing there praying, but there were always one or two signs about babies dying or using the word “abortion.”

There is my {at the time} five-year-old in the back of the van, with those words in plain sight. I prayed every week he would not see them. He didn’t. Thank you, Jesus. I started taking a different way to and from preschool on Tuesday mornings because I couldn’t handle the thought of him asking that dreaded question.

But I know it won’t end there.

My thoughts:

My six-year-old and four-year-old do not need to be burdened with some of the horrific realities of this world just yet. I realize I can’t shelter them from all worldly things, but my first grader should not lie awake at night thinking about babies being killed. He already worries about people in storms and not having homes and being sick. Abortion should not even be on his radar.

I wish I had a solution, but all I know to do is this:


I pray that my boys’ ability to read will not lead to the processing of information way over their maturity level.

I pray that God will protect them from harmful and obscene words that are out of my control.

I pray for purity of mind and heart for them.

And I pray that God will give me the right words when the hard questions come.


How have you handled the hard questions with your children? What do you do with topics that are beyond their maturity level?