This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by the makers of the Ultimate Cloth for this review. I was not compensated for this review – just asked to give an honest account of my experience with this product.

What is the Ultimate Cloth?
The Ultimate Cloth is eco-friendly solution for homes as well as a money and time saver. The Ultimate Cloth is a brand new technology – in fact, it is the only cloth to receive a new patent in the last 25 years. The Ultimate Cloth is a simple, green and effective one-step cleaning process. The Ultimate Cloth cleans any hard surface – glass, wood, granite, stainless steel and many more – with just water! No longer do you have to use harsh chemicals in your home, nor do you need spend hundreds of dollars per year buying them. The Ultimate Cloth has been lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals. And, can cut 50% off your cleaning time. The Ultimate Cloth is truly the ultimate in green cleaning.

When you read that, what do you think?

I must say, I was very skeptical. But I figured if they were willing to send me one to try, it was worth a shot.

My Ultimate Cloth arrived in a padded envelope a few weeks ago – just a white piece of cloth – didn’t look like anything special. I waited until my cleaning day to try it out.

On cleaning day, I followed the instructions – rinsed it with warm water, wrung it out really well and went to work. Not expecting much, to be honest.

I started with the bathroom sink. It tends to get a film on it from hairspray and kids splashing soap and water all over while washing hands. The cleaner I have right now is ok, but the sink never quites shines when I am done.

Until now! I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw how shiny my bathroom sink looked after wiping it down with the Ultimate Cloth! I wanted to call someone right away – why am I getting so excited over a cleaning product?!

Ok, the sink was one thing, but how about the bathroom mirror? You know the problem – streaks left on these or little pieces of lint from the rag or paper towel. When I first wiped the mirror, I was worried. I had rinsed the cloth out and squeezed out the water in between as recommended. Little beads of water formed everywhere on the mirror. Great. So I wrung it out a little more and wiped it down again. Similar effect. I was disappointed…until I looked back a few seconds later and the mirror looked gorgeous and clean! No streaks or spots!

By now, I wanted to try cleaning everything in the house with it.

So I did!

Front glass door where little hands make it all sticky looking for Daddy to come home – beautiful!
Front of the stove where food drips down every time I cook – awesome!

Even the kitchen and bathroom floors! The people at Ultimate Cloth gave me the idea to use it like you would a Swiffer pad – only you can wash it and reuse it!

And all of this with only a small to medium amount of effort! Not too much scrubbing to be honest!

By this time I was looking at how much it would cost me to get more because I want some for the cars and to give as gifts!

Cleaning took me so much less time that Friday…and the next Friday…just like it will today! And the only cleaner I got out was for the toilet bowl, the shower and dusting!

My only complaint is that even after following directions and washing it with bleach to disinfect, it still looks a little dingy. But it still cleans like magic!

I highly suggest giving one a try and here is an easy way to do it!

You can receive a FREE Ultimate Cloth!

All you need to do is follow Ultimate Cloth America on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

They will reveal how to get the free Ultimate Cloths via Twitter and Facebook.

How exciting!

But even without the free offer, I still think the Ultimate Cloth is a wise investment – only $6 a cloth and a five-year warranty! And they have bigger ones available for bigger jobs!

Check them out and let me know about your experience with them!

The Ultimate Cloth, $6