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I told you this week about WHY I need a capsule wardrobe, but I needed some tools {and time} to make it finally happen! Once I finally set aside some time and utilized these tools, it was actually pretty easy to piece together my capsule wardrobe for this fall. I recommend using the tools in this order…

Tools for Creating Capsule Wardrobe

The No-Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan

Read this first. Everything you need to get started is in here: the why, how, and what of making your own capsule wardrobe. This book is not about rules, but about inspiration and guidance for simplifying and refining your style and closet!


If you don’t have a board on Pinterest where you pin styles you love, start one now. If you do have a style board {or several style boards, like me}, take a good look at what you’ve been pinning. Make notes of what you pin. Jot down favorite pieces you own and make note of ones that you want to acquire. Think of this as “required research.” I think of it as lots of fun! I also use Pinterest after I’ve picked all my pieces to figure out new ways to style them.

The Capsule Wardrobe Planner from UnFancy

I love a little pen + paper work when I’m brainstorming, so I printed out Caroline’s free planner and started scribbling away. I like the way she makes you think about your lifestyle and how that affects your wardrobe needs. I also appreciated the section on color planning. It’s really important to be able to mix and match most pieces in your capsule and the color section helped me weed through my choices!

Stylebook App

I adore this app. Stylebook is the app you need once you have your capsule mostly selected and you want to start putting together outfit ideas. You are basically taking pictures of each piece of clothing and adding them to your digital closet within the app. Getting each picture taken, edited, and added can take a little while, but Stylebook has some good tips on making this easier. Also, when I buy a new piece of clothing, I grab the image off the store website OR from the “Shop” section of the app if possible because it already has a plain white background, which means less editing!

After your clothes {and shoes and accessories if you want} are entered, you can put together looks for day, evening, work, or whatever categories you want to form. You can also “log” what you wear each day with the calendar section and keep track of how often you wear each item! Another fun feature tells you “cost per wear” for any item you enter the value for! Check out all of the features here. Stylebook is such a useful capsule wardrobe tool, but it is also tons of fun!


Ok, we’ve covered my capsule wardrobe why and how this week! Next week I’ll share a little more about inspiration and what I’m NOT including in my capsule wardrobe. The week of September 15th, I’ll share all my pieces!

Are you doing this capsule wardrobe thing with me? Do you already have a fall capsule wardrobe planned? If you’re still thinking about it, what questions do you have?