A few weeks ago, I took off my earrings and set them on the arm of the couch until I was going to get up and put them away.

Not smart.

One of the earrings ended up deep in the couch and nothing we did could retrieve it.

I was heartbroken.

They weren’t real diamonds or anything, but these were the studs I wore at our wedding AND when I birthed both of the boys. Priceless.

This past weekend, the hubby tried a last ditch effort to rescue the lost earring – this involved disassembling part of the couch and almost ripping it apart.

THAT, my friends, is true love. I hadn’t said much about the earring recently, but I could tell he had been thinking about how I cried that night when the earring was lost and how mad I was at myself.

I woke up Valentine’s Day morning to a pile of cards at my place on the table, along with these…

Almost exactly like what I lost, but nicer and more expensive, I’m sure! Again, not real diamonds, just like the previous ones were not, but PERFECT for what I wanted and was missing!

That got me crying right away and then I saw another box with these inside…

And THESE are real. Oh my. I’m not usually big on “fancy” jewelry, but these just melted my heart immediately. And I cried a bunch more.

I have a GOOD man. And it is DEFINITELY the thought that counts.

True love, I tell you.


This post was inspired by my gem of a husband and the topic of the week for P52 over at Life with My Three Boybarians!

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