A few weeks ago, I wrote about the boys driving me crazy. Completely exasperated, I set out on a mission to fix my ways that were feeding the chaotic behavior in our home.

But I forgot something very important.


Why does that slip my mind?!

I know how powerful prayer is, yet, in the middle of my parenting discouragement, I sought only to fix things myself!

I believe God sent me a gentle reminder in the form of my friend Amanda and her recent tweets and posts about praying for kids. I was reading her tweets and seeing her Instagram pics regarding prayer every day, thinking, “Oh, how nice!”

One day, I realized I had the same book she was praying from. The next day, I actually got the book out. On Saturday {the 14th day of the month}, I turned to the 14th chapter {there are 31 chapters – one for each day of the month!} and started praying.

I’m going to keep on track reading one chapter a day until I’ve worked through the whole book!

The great thing about this: you could join in with me at any time and just keep reading until you get through the entire thing as well! And if you want, you could just start all over again!

While I can teach my kiddos about God and faith and create an encouraging environment here at home, NOTHING I do can affect the path of my children’s lives as much as prayer. NOTHING. I can plant seeds of Scripture in their minds, but only God can work to create lasting change in their hearts.

So I will try my best to intercede more for these most precious gifts, every day {and even more in the middle of exasperation}, and believe God will work in amazing ways in their hearts, minds, and souls!

A few other prayer resources I am putting to use…

*Warrior Prayers – From my MOB Society co-founder, Brooke McGlothlin, these wonderful Scripture-based prayers are designed specifically for boy parents.

*Power-Packed Prayers – Another great resource recommended by Amanda, I can’t wait to try “Praying Head to Toe” for the boys!

*A Mother’s Prayer Calendar – Kat is my long-distance motherhood cheerleader, encouraging me on this journey with each thing she posts at Inspired To Action. This calendar is just one of her wonderful resources!

Now, would you pray for me, and even join me, as I work on praying more for our children?

Let me know in the comments and I would love to pray for you as well!

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