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Wouldn’t it just figure that as I prepared to write this post about living out motherhood in a more lively and energized matter that my kids would kick into a mode that leaves me absolutely weary to the bone?!

Vitality in Motherhood

This concept of vitality in motherhood is something I so badly want to experience. Kids are tiring. It doesn’t matter whether they are boys or girls, young or old, whether there is one or ten. When we invest ourselves in the lives of another human being, our emotions will go on a roller coaster and our schedules will not be entirely our own.

Mother + Middle

I don’t want to just barely survive motherhood this year. I want to feel alive as a mother. I want my boys to know that I find joy in being their mother, not because every day goes exactly as I planned, but because they are a gift from the Lord and being their mother is my sacred calling.

Mom + Little Guys

I honestly don’t feel this vitality right now. I’ve seen glimpses of it. And I’ve captured those moments in my mental picture book because they give me hope on rough days. I also try to capture them as an actual picture whenever possible – with my phone or camera – because I see more clearly who they are and who I want to be in those life-filled, photographed moments.

Mother + Firstborn

I’ve also set a few goals to keep my focus on a more life-filled and life-giving season of motherhood…


be present

I wrote about this in my marriage post and the concept is the same here: when we’re together, I need to be all there. This doesn’t mean they all get my undivided attention all the time. That’s just crazy. But when they want to talk, when we’re playing a game, during school time, and so on, I need to stop trying to multitask away my time with the kids! Yes, I need to put away the phone more. Jessica from The Mom Creative just recommended the book Hands-Free Mama on Twitter yesterday and it immediately went on my must-read list this year!



The days I laugh with my kids are exponentially greater than the days I don’t. Laughter doesn’t always just happen on its own, and it definitely doesn’t happen when I’m not fully present {see above}. Already this year, I’ve started more tickle fights, laughed at even the most ridiculous jokes Little J has told me, and made the craziest silly faces with Big J. And it feels glorious to laugh this much. The boys already have silly in their bones, but I’m trying to bring it out and join in more! And have I mentioned Double J seems to be the silliest of all three boys? We’re in for a wild ride with that one!


really listen

My children are talkers. It almost never stops. Even when they are asleep. And, yes, they got the talkative gene from me. And because they talk and talk and talk and often repeat things an obscene amount times…I often tune them out. Guilty as charged. I’m afraid that my deaf ears now are going to teach these boys I don’t care about what they have to say, and when something more personal, life-changing, important comes up, they won’t come to me. I will gladly listen to every word they have to say now to show them I value them, their thoughts, their words, especially if it means they will talk openly about all the questions and problems and decisions they will have as they grow up. But please remind me of this when Little J wants to tell me the same joke for the billionth time…


inspire, encourage, teach, model

I know that heading is actually four headings, but for some reason, they went together as I was praying over this year. I let my life as a mother switch into a mundane, survival mode. And things like projects and hands-on lessons and encouraging notes from mom had completely fallen away. Things like this take extra time and effort, but they add so much vitality to the parent-child relationship! There is life in the words inspire, encourage, teach, model. I want to embrace each of them, asking God to show me which is needed in what measure each day.

Although I started this post as a tired mama, I do not feel defeated. Even as I’ve taken a few days to write this post, I’ve seen the things I’m focusing on this year make small, but wonderful changes in the way I feel about my role as a mother! I feel so much more aligned with God’s will for me as a mom, and I will pray each day He keeps me humble and in tune with His will.

What does vitality in motherhood look like for you?


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