Top Ten {Tuesday} November was an intense month for the hubby, working a rigorous sub-internship and interviewing for various residency programs, but we knew there was a light at the end of that tunnel of a month. That “light” was TEN WEEKS of break for him – and ten weeks of him being home with us!

This week ends that ten week break {insert sad looks from all of us here}, but let me tell you just why having him home for ten weeks has ROCKED for the boys and I!

Top Ten Reasons We Have Loved Having Daddy Home!

10. GAMES! Oh my, we have played LOTS of games during this break – the game in the picture above is Star Wars Trouble, a new favorite!

9. Daddy dates. Out to lunch, fun at the children’s museum, even running errands with Daddy – the boys enjoyed lots of one-on-one time with him during this break! I love how he made special time with them a priority all throughout these ten weeks!

8. Finishing the entire West Wing series on DVD. We LOVE this show. And we may have watched two or more episodes a night until we finished it all. Please tell me other couples love watching TV together at the end of the day?

7. Enjoying the snow…

6. And the nice weather together! We’ve actually had much more of the latter, so there has been bike riding, scooters, walks, and more time outside without coats than any winter I can remember…so far!

5. Story time. The hubby makes up the BEST bedtime stories and several new ones were concocted while he was home. Sometimes I secretly listen in from outside the room because they are just too good to miss 🙂

4. Family road trips. We went with him to a some interviews, we traveled together for the holidays, we were able to pick up and go when my sister had her baby – it was a lot of driving, but I LOVE taking road trips with the hubby because we actually get to talk! We make lists, talk about the future, discuss things that don’t usually come up in normal conversation, and so on. And road tripping all together makes it even better!

3. Time for him to do a few things for him. He may not have had much time alone with all of us around here, but he did join a gym {and workout every single day since then}, have lunch with friends, go golfing once, and get to “sleep in” most days. I know how demanding med school is, so it made my heart happy for him to have this respite before our lives change with baby, moving, graduation, etc.

2. His help around the house. I almost put this as #1 because of just how much it meant to me. You have no idea. He has folded laundry, done weekly cleaning, put up with me as we have cleaned out and reorganized most of the house…my love language is not normally acts of service, but WOW – feeling VERY loved by all of this, especially at this stage of the pregnancy!

1. Seeing this handsome face all the time! Can’t beat that 🙂

Oh honey, how we have LOVED having you home with us for this long! We will miss you during the day as you head back to school, but are SO grateful for the wonderful family time we had while you were on break!

Thank you for being the most amazing husband and father ever!