Hooray for three-day weekends! Three-day weekends mean our Weekend Snapshots are coming to you on a Tuesday this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be confused about what day it is all week. Who’s with me?! Here’s what our Memorial Day weekend looked like…

We finished up school last week, so summer has officially started and these guys are pumped about it! They got their summer fun buckets Friday night and have been wearing their new sunglasses nonstop ever since…even when it’s raining.

This mama celebrated summer by trying the new Crafted Press from Caribou Coffee! It’s not my normal sweet latte or mocha, but I really enjoyed it and will try it with a shot of caramel next time!

A new exhibit came to the Durham Museum this week and we spent Saturday checking it out! The exhibit, Lost Egypt, is perfect for the kids – lots of hands-on learning and creating! The highlight, though, is a REAL MUMMY. Yep, this whole exhibit was a huge hit for our family and we’ll be heading back a few times before it leaves at the end of summer! Oh, and that’s our new camel friend, Mahrud. He’s pretty friendly.

We all tried dipping our fries in our Frosty for this first time this weekend. Verdict: DELICIOUS.


Sundays are salad night for The Hubby and I. This is my new favorite creation: BBQ chicken, corn, bacon, red pepper, romaine, and spinach. I think I’ll use the leftovers to recreate this for lunch today because I’m drooling just looking at the picture.

Also in the boys’ summer bucket were some foam water guns! The sun FINALLY came out on Monday, so it was a full-on battle in the front yard! I know this will be a regular occurrence all summer long!


Memorial Day just wouldn’t feel complete without some grilling and S’MORES. Of course, after a beautiful, sunny day, the wind picked up just as we headed out to roast our marshmallows, but we made quick work of it…and messy work of it! Messy is the best way to eat s’mores – the only way to eat them, really! S’mores are also the reason I keep baby wipes around.


We cannot forget the whole reason for our long weekend. Memorial Day is a day to remember that our freedom is not free. A time to say THANK YOU to those who serve + have served + to their families. We are humbled by the sacrifices they make to protect us. We celebrate, but we also solemnly remember with much gratitude.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? What were the highlights?

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