I posted a while back about my lack of homemaking skills – not dogging on myself, just being honest.

God has been working on my heart since then and I’ve been putting my heart into my home more.

Including my formerly least desired task.


For some reason, I just DREADED ironing.

But when you’re the wife of a medical student and future doctor, ironing is a must. Unless we want a HUGE dry-cleaning bill.

So part of my new schedule includes just a half hour of ironing every Monday and Tuesday.

I get the kids settled down for rest time, turn on some worship music and start ironing.

And it is amazing how much I can get done in thirty minutes.

And how relaxing it is.

Did I just say ironing was RELAXING?

Yes I did.

I guess I’m learning to love it.

And seeing my hubby in a shirt and tie every day doesn’t hurt either.

Which household chore have you learned to love? Which one are you still working on loving?

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