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Does anyone remember the Friends episode “The One where Chandler is in a box?” Well if so, I hope you enjoyed today’s title. If not, forget it. The beautiful writer of this blog, my wife, got me addicted to Friends when we started dating, and this is one of her favorite episodes. Anyway…

I often talk about organization when I guest post, so I thought I would share my organizational strategy. Yes, please keep reading. It’s more exciting than it sounds.

There are essentially three forms of storage – light, medium, and deep. A simple description can be found below.

Deep Storage – the stuff that you rarely need, say once or twice a year, or less.

Medium Storage – the things that you need once every month or every few months.

Light Storage – the things that you will need from time to time, and need to be accessible.

The vast majority of people store things in the wrong place, or just lump everything together in one location, making it difficult to find much of anything.

Our deep storage is the small attic above our garage – it has Christmas decorations, a stroller we’re not currently using, seasonal outdoors stuff (tent, small pool, sleds, etc.), and several storage tubs of the wife’s stuff from her years as a teacher.

Summer 2010 005

Our medium storage is in the basement – with things like extra kitchen appliances, dishes, children’s clothes that the kids will need in the next year, extra art/craft supplies, extra computer accessory cords/cables/software, wedding memories, maternity clothes, high school/college memories, etc.

Summer 2010 002Summer 2010 003

Our light storage is the kids’ closet and a downstairs closet in the toy room – with things like extra toys that aren’t currently out (mostly because our wonderful parents spoil our children with toys and we have a small house in which to house them), dress-up clothes, etc.

Summer 2010 006Summer 2010 005

Why am I telling you this? We re-organized our medium storage last weekend and I was so excited about the result that I have gone down to that area four  times in the past week just to look and admire how clean it is.

Yes, my wife married a strange man.

What organizational system works for you – strange or otherwise?