I’m filing this guest post from the wonderful hubby under “Works for Me Wednesday” because it really does work for us – and it goes both ways!


Have you ever wondered how to make your husband more involved with the kids?

Have you ever imagined a husband who makes time to be romantic?

Do you ever dream that your husband will spend the weekend with you and the family rather than on projects, sleeping in, or watching tv?

If you are nodding your head “yes” very emphatically, then you are probably the norm.

The solution, however, has nothing to do with talking, nothing to do with prodding, nothing to do with even praying that he would change.

I spent tonight having a long-overdue guys’ night.

We ate breadsticks, pizza, monster cookies, and drank copious amounts of Diet Mountain Dew, which included a tower of empty cans by night’s end. We talked about work, kids, ministry, iPhones, fishing, medical stories (from my end), and about a million other things. We watched Iron Man.

I cannot describe to you how a night like tonight recharges my batteries.

A night without wives, kids, and responsibilities. For me, and probably for a lot of men, we want to be the man that God calls us to be.

The leader of my household, the knight in shining armor for my wife, and the hero of our children.

But most of the time I spend just wishing I had the energy to be ONE of those things.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to spend a weekend with my wife and boys as I am now. I can’t help but think it’s due to some time away tonight. Guy time. Having a chance to talk with other Christian men who are going through the same things is, well, refreshing.

So men, get organized, call your buds and schedule a guys’ night.

Ladies, encourage your man to set aside a night every once in a while with his friends.

It just might be the remedy.


Do you make sure your spouse gets time with friends? Do they do the same for you? Is it refreshing?