Maybe I’ve been playing a little too much Wii lately.

Or maybe not.

I posted earlier this week about my priorities for 2010. But I forgot one.

And that is me.

Because if I don’t take care of myself, my other priorities will seem like work. Like burdens. Not the true blessings they are.

In the past, I have fluctuated between no time for myself and being very selfish with my time. Neither was a good situation for anybody, of course.

So what does making myself a priority in 2010 look like?

-Working out more. Right now that means time on the Wii – boxing, playing tennis, etc. And let me tell you, I am sore! Good feeling. I do have to look good in a bridesmaid dress by August!

-Eating better. I did not say the word diet. I hate diets. I just want to eat healthier food and everything else in moderation – even cookies. Cookies are allowed – just not too many.

-Reading for fun. I like to end every evening reading some good fiction. My current book is The Begotten by Lisa T. Bergren. Met her at MOPS Convention and she is lovely. And we’re Twitter buddies. I couldn’t put the book down last night. Thank goodness the kids slept until 9!

-Taking time for things I enjoy – being crafty, baking, blogging – but not obsessing over them. Christmas is over – no present deadlines. My family will not starve if I don’t try that newest recipe TODAY. I hope my blog readers will still be here if I am gone for a day or two. Right?! But all of these things are fun and give me great joy, so I’m making time for them.

So along with my other priorities this year, I am taking care of me. And it’s feeling pretty good.

Will you join Mii?

Oops, I did it again…