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So many of the thoughts associated with “having” it all have to do with appearances. And isn’t that how we tend to judge things? We see something and take it at face value, never bothering to investigate any further. We are really living our lives with a lot of assumptions about other people’s lives based on how things look.

What Does Having It All Look Like

The reader survey I did a few weeks back proved that connection between what we see and what we think…

What words come to mind when you hear the phrase “having it all?”

  • appearances
  • beautiful house
  • fit + attractive husband
  • great looks
  • adorable children

We look at the lives of others, see what we see, and decide that surface looks good, so they MUST have a great life.

The comparison game is most prevalent in this arena of appearances. We tend to sugarcoat the lives of others based on appearances, while beating down our own lives based on what we see, which is a lot more messy and real.

Our public facades are all shiny, blemish-free, and one-dimensional because that’s what we do when we are out and about – we dress up, do our hair, wipe everyone’s faces clean, and smile like our life depends on it. But then we see somebody else doing the same thing and suddenly, the reality of our own lives is just not good enough.

This problem is only magnified by the world of social media where we always put our best faces forward. I may post about Big J memorizing some Scripture or a fun field trip we took, but you’re not seeing the diaper blowout or mommy yelling fit that broke out when the toys were STILL not picked up. Social media is a breeding ground for envy and discontent because it is full of all the good-looking stuff of our lives.

As this series gets rolling, can I challenge you to not let the appearances of others be your measuring stick for “having it all?” Don’t judge the book by the cover, because if you looked inside, you might not really like what it takes to have all the things.

What does “having it all” look like to you?