We had a fairly low key Fourth of July at home, just the five of us, and it was quite lovely…

Here are few more things I loved this week…

*I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy – My dear friend Amanda wrote these words and spoke right to my heart. If you’re fleeing “blah” or weighed down, I think you’ll find great encouragement here. FAVORITE post of the week. Favorite post I’ve read in a long time!

*Thank You Crystal, I’m Setting Goals! – Sarah Mae wrote several posts this week about setting goals. This is the first and it inspired me!

*Water Gun Target Practice – Heather and I seem to be living parallel lives {only she has four boys!}, so I tend to relate to a LOT of what she posts! This is a great idea for hot days with the boys!

*How To Be a More Patient Mom – Pretend your kids are someone else’s kids?! I think I might need to try this!

Have a fabulous weekend!