I read this verse earlier this month as part of a She Reads Truth Bible reading plan and I can’t get it out of my head. I think God is trying to pound it in good, so I made up this little printable to help that process along! When I feel wronged in some way or get upset over something the kiddos have done, I need to take a deep breath and recite this verse a few times to help me proceed in a godly manner!

Need James 2:13 as a reminder for yourself? For your children? You can click here to download the PDF and print it for your home!

Other things I’m loving this weekend…

*A Kind Wife: Joy shares why chores should not be your top priority!

*She Reads Truth: I’ve been following along with their Bible reading plans through the last three session and I love starting my day this way! The readings are short but challenging and the community is wonderful!

*Why I’ll Never Be “The Skinniest” And Why I’m OK With That: Clare hits the nail right on the head discussing why a FIT body is better than a SKINNY body. Love her and how she inspires healthy living!

Wonderful weekend wishes to each of you!