There are some advantages to being pregnant in the winter, including cooler temps and being able to layer clothing! Having  Little J at the end of June, neither of these were true, so I’m taking advantage of them this time around.

And one of my favorite, favorite clothing finds for this pregnancy and beyond is this…

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


Old Navy’s jersey-stretch tanks have been the PERFECT, wardrobe-saving piece for me throughout this pregnancy and I’m officially addicted to them.

{No, Old Navy did not compensate me in any way for raving about these. They don’t even know I exist.}

They are NOT maternity tanks, but a medium was long enough and stretchy enough to get me ALL the way through this pregnancy.

For modesty reasons, I like my tank tops long in general, so you can bet these will continue to be worn post-baby. Some colors I didn’t own yet were on clearance this weekend, so I bought two in size small for layering purposes!

The best part?

They are very, very soft and comfy. I wear a different one almost every single day.

{Please don’t ask how many I own. But I’m not ashamed to say that, should they go on sale again, I would probably buy more.}

Anyway…here I am this week, at 35 weeks, wearing one of these tanks in white, with a new eggplant-colored cardigan I bought on clearance at Target…

The pants, out of necessity, are maternity pants.

I have decided these tanks need to be in my wardrobe for the rest of my life.

What wardrobe staple could you not live without?


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