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Welcome to my weekly What I Wore post – a chance for me to get all girly and talk a little fashion since I live with ALL BOYS. If I started talking about ethical fashion and luxury hoodies with them, I would be ditched for Legos in about 1.4 seconds. Instead, I share it here with you and on Instagram because that is my favorite social media channel ever!

Here we go with what I wore this past week…


Okay, you can hardly see what I’m wearing in this photo, but my friend Marie and I were sporting leis and festive head wear for Hawaiian Night at AWANA…while the winter wind howled outside to remind us we weren’t REALLY in Hawaii. As if we could forget…


I went all matchy-matchy with Big J for our family day at the zoo. Not only did we both grab our Converse to wear that day with cuffed jeans, but we also wore our awesome new Wildly Co. shirts! Wildly Co. is the very best idea ever – ethical fashion basics for kids – and it was started by my friend Hayley and her husband!

Big J is wearing the pullover in teal with heather trim. He loves it. And I’m wearing one of the limited edition tees from their initial Kickstarter campaign! The boys also have several tees from earlier Wildly Co. lines – they are all amazing! Two things to watch for with Wildly Co.:

  1. Enter your email on the Wildly Co. home page to 15% off your first order!
  2. Watch for their limited edition monthly tees – a new one each month!

Also in the zoo outfit is my Krochet Kids beanie and my newest Evy’s Tree hoodie which may also be my favorite! The Brilla ruffles are perfection, the weight is great for any season, and the color is just what this Husker fan was hoping for! Here’s a closer look at the ruffles and pockets:

I’m warning you: you’ll be seeing this hoodie in LOTS of What I Wore posts from now on and I’m not sorry about it!


Saturday comfort at it’s finest: another amazing Evy’s Tree hoodie, comfy wide leg jeans, and a hat. Double J and I were cuddled up after a day filled with a long run, basketball game, and The Hubby being on call at the hospital. We were all ready for bed at this moment!


When wind chills have dominated the winter weather, 35º feels like a heat weave, so on Sunday I pulled out my favorite Target clearance dress and shrug, paired it with leggings, threw on my new PopBasic necklace {get $15 off with that link!}, and celebrated the “warmth” as we headed to church!

And since it was also the first day of March, it was a no-brainer to wear my green flats from The Root Collective. Stay tuned this week because The Root Collective is launching their new spring line of shoes and you’re going to LOVE them! Trust me – I already have a pair!


It is only fitting to finish up today’s post with a great new shirt that perfectly captures my favorite month! I look for great St. Patrick’s Day shirts every year around this time and usually find something for the whole family at Old Navy. I was disappointed with their selection for women this year, but never fear, because Target came through with several cute options!

This was the PERFECT shirt – super comfy, no year listed on it, GREEN. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this a million times this month, as well as year-round because I’m just a huge fan. If you’re looking for a St. Patty’s Day shirt for yourself, check out Target this year!

Spring is ALMOST here – what are you looking forward to wearing once the weather warms up?

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