pleated poppyThis is the lame edition of What I Wore Wednesday because I didn’t take one single picture of what I wore this week. I got dressed every single day, but no pictures.

You see, our camera died at Relevant.

{insert moment of silence}

I’ve been using Big J’s “camera” for important pictures, like the boys in their costumes and the first snowfall. But I just didn’t want to bother with it for my outfits.

The new camera will be in next week, so I guess I will have to use Big J’s this week or else you will get The Lame Edition, Part 2 next Wednesday!

When I posted about boots last week, I left off one outfit from Relevant…

This is what I traveled in on the way there! It was VERY comfortable and I told other Relevant friends to look for the pregnant lady in the zebra print shirt! Can’t miss that! I also added some blue fabric rosette earrings from Our Daily Chocolate for a little color!

And let me tell you, TOMS are the way to go for footwear when you’re flying! Easy to get on and off at security and comfortable to walk {or run} in! I have the Women’s Classics in Ash Canvas and they go with everything!

My other picture of the week is actually from Halloween night. We took the kiddos to Trunk ‘n’ Treat at our church and it was a little chilly, so I decided to throw on a hat I crocheted while flying to and from Relevant…

{hat made by me, flower pin by The Pleated Poppy}

We ended up running into a girl who was in our youth group way back before we had kiddos – hadn’t seen her in at least five years, maybe more! That was a great moment!

I had to include a picture of the hat because when I walked out wearing it that day, Big J told me I looked “beautiful and pretty like a princess!” I’ll take that!

And we’ll end with what the BOYS wore for costumes this year…

Our very own Dash {from the Incredibles} and Batman! My heroes 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday friends!


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