pleated poppyWhy, after all this time doing What I Wore Wednesday, do I STILL forget to take pictures of my outfits throughout the week? How is that possible?!

That is my goal for the next week: One picture. Of my outfit. Every day. For a week. I can do this.

And I’ll let you in on my other wardrobe-related goal for the week…

We’re starting homeschool Monday. And even though we’ll be up early and working hard, I WILL still make myself look nice EVERY morning before we get started. Just like I did when I was a teacher before! I WILL start this year off right in every way!

Anyways, on to my two whole pictures for the week…

Saturday with the fam: Super comfy new blue dress – H&M; silver flip flops – Old Navy

Sunday church: Gray scale ruffled tank – Target; black ruffled skirt – thrifted; black & white open-toe heels – had them so long I can’t remember where they are from and they are STILL my favorite!


Let’s encourage on another! What is your ONE wardrobe goal for the next week? Try something new? Be more consistent? Get out of pajamas every day? Share you goal in the comments!

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