TWO pictures?! That’s all I’ve got?! What happened to this week?!

Well, two is what we go with then…

Summer has hit suddenly here in Nebraska – I think we just hopped right over spring! I think I did a little happy dance the first day it was really warm enough to wear a skirt!

I {heart} skirts big time.

But my dilemma this weekend was wanting some new accessories to spruce up the basics I already have – without spending money!

So here’s what I did…

First, I took a long bead necklace I already had and…

…wait for it…

Knotted it! Crazy, right?! Nothing fancy, but it felt like a new necklace to me and cost nothing! Win!

Next, I wanted to wear flip flops, but they were just feeling blah to me that day. Yep – blah.

That’s where my crochet skills and hot glue gun came in handy…

Bye-bye boring flip flops, hello yellow cuteness!

I think I may need to do this to all of my flip flops because they were just too fun!


How do you spruce up your wardrobe without spending a dime? I would LOVE your ideas!


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