I’ve written about What’s in the Bible? before. A few times.

We discovered it back in January of 2010.

The theme song has been stuck in my head ever since 🙂

If you’ve missed my previous posts and have NO idea what What’s in the Bible? is, it is the brain child of Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales.

{That man is a GENIUS.}

The What’s in the Bible? DVDs {six volumes so far} walk children through, obviously, what’s in the Bible, but also how the Bible came to be, who wrote it and lots of other facts, stories and TRUTH surrounding the Bible.

And the best part?

It’s all done with puppets.

No, not annoying or weird puppets. REALLY funny puppets. And catchy music. And a Sunday school lady with a flannelgraph. And Buck Denver. And…

Ok, seriously, you just need to watch a clip.

This is a promo for the brand new Christmas DVD called Why Do We Call It Christmas? Same characters, same amount of great information, plus lots of holiday fun! It will be airing on TV in some areas through the Christmas season, but you can get the same great deal here…

Great, right?!

If you’re wondering about the age level for these DVDs, let me share my thoughts…

What’s in the Bible? is totally entertaining and fun to my five and three-year-old. They LOVE it and ask to watch it ALL the time. They sing the songs, they laugh at the puppets, and most importantly, they pick up important truths from and about the Bible from hearing them over and over again.

However, I really think these DVDs are appropriate for all elementary-age children. It is fairly fast-paced and the information is not at a preschool level – we’re talking about the Pentateuch, for goodness sake! I believe that children of any age will get something out of this series – I have learned so much from it!

If you have ANY questions about What’s in the Bible?, I would be MORE than happy to answer them or find out the answers for you!

So here is the special you’re not going to want to miss…


The What’s in the Bible? DVDs are usually $12 a piece. This holiday season, click on the link above or in the sidebar and you can buy the first five DVDs PLUS the Why Do We Call It Christmas? special for $37.95 TOTAL. That’s almost HALF the original price!

And I’ll share this little disclaimer:

I am a What’s in the Bible? affiliate. That means if you click on the links in this post or the image in my sidebar and buy this special, I will get a portion of the sale back. I don’t do this for just any company or product.

I am a What’s in the Bible? affiliate because I LOVE what they are doing to bring more of the Bible into children’s homes and we truly adore these DVDs.

And we could use a little Christmas spending money. {Just being honest!}

With all of that said, this pack of DVDs would make a great Christmas present! And this deal is already running, so you can buy it now and check those special kiddos in your life off your list!

And now, I leave you with Big J, as a three-year-old, proudly singing the What’s in the Bible? theme song – Happy Monday!