I have waded in and out of the waters of book and product reviews over the past four years of blogging, not sure if they were worth my time or if anyone really cared about my opinions.

Today, I’m diving in head first because I’m realizing that reviews do matter.

My reasons for writing reviews include the following:

*I enjoy trying new things. New books excite me. I can’t wait to try the latest learning game with the boys. I want to be part of what’s next.

*I like to share. Even before I started blogging, if I found something that worked for us and that I appreciated, I had to tell someone about it. I am a sharer. The blog just gives me a unique way to share with a bigger audience.

*I have connections. I tried to word that in a way that doesn’t sound too self-important, but I think I failed. But it is true. I am blessed to have great working relationships with many wonderful Christian publishers, Christian musicians, homeschool companies, and more. And when they have something available that could benefit you, I want to tell you about it!

*People ask. This was God’s biggest confirmation to me that I should continue to write reviews here on the blog. I’ve had people ask about curriculum and Bibles and music and DVDs and…you get the idea. I don’t know WHY they ask me, but they do, and like I said before, I like to share, so I do! And just when I start to doubt the value of my opinions, I get an email or tweet from someone who bought such-and-such book because she read about it here telling me how much her child is loving it! And that fills my heart with joy!

If you’re not a big review person, that’s ok! I will have plenty of other content to share here, especially as my 31 Days series launches this Monday!

But if you ARE a review person, I can’t wait to share more reviews for you as a woman, wife, & mom AND for your kidddos in the coming months!

Thanks for letting me share here!