Some sweet friends of mine took on a challenge in December – wearing a dress everyday in order to raise awareness about human trafficking. I found out about Dressember late and so wished I would have joined in, so I was thrilled to learn of another opportunity to use what I wear to bring attention to a worldwide problem.


#JEANuary combines two things I love: denim and Freeset. For the whole month of January, I’m wearing jeans or denim of some form every single day, posting on social media, and encouraging YOU to buy from Freeset, an organization I adore that rescues women from the sex slave industry and provides jobs for them to support their families.


I want you to know about Freeset because you don’t have to start a charity or go to India yourself to help end the horrific reality of human trafficking. Organizations like Freeset are already doing this and need your support – all you have to do is purchase their beautiful, handmade products! And telling your friends would be great as well. Imagine the impact – I told you, you told some friends, they told their friends…and so the ripple effect goes!


Freeset’s rockstars are their sturdy, beautiful bags of all sizes. I use them for EVERYTHING – groceries, beach bag, traveling, library. But they also have awesome bangles and tees and everything you buy provides income for the women who have been rescued from slavery and are now making doing beautiful work with their hands.


#JEANuary isn’t about wearing denim. It’s about spreading awareness. It’s about not ignoring the problem of human trafficking anymore, but doing what we can right where we are to give a voice to the women and children trapped in slavery.


I put on my boymom shirt with jeans yesterday to celebrate the launch of my dear friend Brooke’s Praying for Boys {affiliate link} book launch, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the boy moms in other parts of the world who have been forced to sell themselves to feed and support their sons. My heart ached for them all day. So I pray and spread the word and ask God to use me in His will to make a difference for these women.

Even if it’s just wearing jeans every day of January or buying a bag.

We’re a few days into #JEANuary, but you can still join in!


~Sign up using the linky on Coffee With The Mrs. so everyone can follow you and see what you’re doing!

~Wear jeans {or your favorite denim piece as mentioned above} during the month of January, posting a picture to {at least} instagram to help raise awareness. {have fun with this!!}

~Tell your friends and family about what you’re doing and encourage them to shop from Freeset to help support the women they’ve freed and make room for more women to join them.
~SHOP! Go buy something from Freeset to feature in your pics.

For now, the only way to help Freeset raise money right now is by shopping from them….and we ladies know how to get that done, right?!

FOLLOW JEANuary on Instagram & Twitter as well as @FreesetUSA on Twitter so you can keep up with the good word!
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