Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that exercise has become an important part of life for The Hubby and I this year. Today, I wanted to mention just what it is we like to do for exercise and how we fit it in!

First of all, we had to make it a priority. This was my biggest problem to begin with. I said it was important to me and I really wanted it to be, but if a day or two went by and I hadn’t worked out, no big deal. Except it WAS a big deal because then I would lose momentum and miss three or four days and so on…

How big a priority exercise is to you is very personal. Maybe it is not more important than having a little time to relax. Maybe three times a week is exactly what you need. The Hubby and I are both at the point where we WANT to get a workout in every day, and if we miss a day, you better believe we won’t miss the next if at all possible!

To keep things interesting when we workout every day – and to not completely wear our bodies out – we try to vary our exercise throughout the week.

Here is what I do in a typical week:

*Treadmill. Yes, we splurged and bought a treadmill. But we only did this after we were both committed to running on it several times a week. Sometimes it is just not feasible for The Hubby to make it to the gym before or after a 14-hour shift. Sometimes the boys and I have a busy day and a trip to the gym isn’t possible. Now, neither of us have an excuse to not run! And it is getting used a LOT by both of us. We both use the treadmill four to six times a week.

*Running outside. This is how I began my workouts back in April. As a complete non-runner, I started with the Couch-to-5K program. I had done several weeks of the program last summer, but then I got pregnant and tired and…well, that ended quickly. The program was working great for me up until that point, so I picked it up this year with renewed conviction. I wouldn’t call it “fun,” but I do highly recommend this method for anyone wanting to begin running.

This spring, I actually warmed up to running outside more quickly than I thought I would and found I could run for longer periods of time than I ever thought possible! If it weren’t for this darn heat and humidity, I would prefer to run outside most days. With The Hubby’s long days, I usually can’t get an outdoor run in when he is home, so when I do, it is a treat! I try to run outside once a week.

*Elliptical trainer. We have to make it to the gym to do the elliptical, but it is a great cardio exercise when I don’t feel like running. I use the elliptical and work my arms at the same time. I use the elliptical once a week.

*Exercise videos. Thanks to DirecTV, I have access to various exercise videos for the days I want to do something different and give my joints a little break! I’ve tried Pilates, cardio dance, kettlebell workouts, and several others. Exercise videos are a part of my routine twice a month.

And my favorite…

*ZUMBA! Oh man, I love Thursday mornings because they are my Zumba mornings! I take a 50 minute class at our gym with a very diverse group of ladies. Zumba is basically a latin-inspired dance fitness class. I think Zumba is the most fun I’ve ever had working out and it is a GOOD workout! I am just as sweaty after a Zumba class as I am after a run! Right now, I attend Zumba once a week but I am SO tempted to make it twice a week!

Last week looked like this for me:

  • Sunday: Treadmill at home
  • Monday: Elliptical trainer and weights at the gym {my first time doing weights!}
  • Tuesday: Treadmill at home
  • Wednesday: Treadmill at home {long run}
  • Thursday: Zumba at the gym
  • Friday: Treadmill at home {short run}
  • Saturday: Outside run with my sister

For The Hubby, his workouts include outside running, treadmill, weights, elliptical, and bike rotated throughout the week. How much he does of each depends on his schedule, whether or not he can make it to the gym, and the weather. And no Zumba for him 🙂

As far as when we find time for all of this…we just do. It goes back to how much of a priority it is to you. I prefer early morning before the kids get up, but if the baby was awake a bunch in the night, it might not happen. Many times, we trade off on the treadmill in the evening around or after the kids’ bedtime.

Yes, I’m tired at the end of a long day, but a workout usually feels good, and even if it doesn’t, I’ve never been upset with myself after getting some kind of exercise in!

If you’re wanting to start exercising or need some renewed motivation, I recommend you follow Clare over at Peak313 Fitness. She has great healthy tips and encouragement, as well as workout ideas and healthy recipes!

Where are you in your workout journey? What types of exercise do you enjoy {or tolerate to get healthy}?