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#2 and #3

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Hey Erin! This organizer looks awesome!! I would have to say my favorite part is the grocery list. I’m always jotting down on scrap pieces of paper things I need..like at breakfast, oh I need more jam…then by the time I go to the store I start a new list and try to remember everything I have jotted down during the week…not a great system! So yes this is definitely something I need! I also really like the prayer & praise section so that I can constantly be reminded of God’s faithfulness (something I needed this week!) and how He is answering even the smallest prayers I give to Him. Thanks for posting an awesome giveaway!

and Jennifer:

I love that it starts each week with a Bible verse… and a prayer section! What a fantastic giveaway… I know I for one could use some organizing! 😉

Congratulations ladies! I think you will enjoy this planner as much as I am already! And believe me, it is helping with the organization problem here!

I’ll be in touch with you ladies to get you your planner ASAP!

If you didn’t win, make sure you check out Amy Knapp’s website to pick up your own fabulous organizer!

Have a blessed – and organized – week!