Fourth of July Outfits!

Who’s ready for the Fourth of July weekend?!

I’m totally ready – time with family, a day at the lake, celebrating our country, the food – it’s all good. I also love the fun Fourth of July outfit options. Red, white, and blue can be mixed together in so many different ways. Whether your holiday celebrations are at the lake, a backyard party, or anywhere else, I have some ideas for how to style your patriotic colors!

4th of July Outfit 1

A navy striped dress is a great staple to have in your summer closet and you’ve already got the blue and white covered for your Fourth of July outfit! Add some red beads and white slip-ons like these from Bzees to keep this classy outfit both dressy and comfy. I’m always a big fan of completing a summer outfit with a fedora.

4th of July Outfit 2

This is my lake Fourth of July outfit – a great patriotic tank, neutral shorts, comfy shoes and simple accessories. Lake days are all about being able to move and be comfortable not matter how hot it may be. We’ve been going to the same lake every Fourth of July since I can remember and this type of outfit has never failed me – why change now?! Did you notice the shape of the flag? So fun.

4th of July Outfit 3

If I was spending the Fourth of July at a backyard party or restaurant with friends, this would be my outfit of choice. I love the long, bold graphic tank paired with classy white capris and the best wedges ever. I really should wear white pants more, but hello, mother of three boys! Actually, I’m the one who usually spills on them…

4th of July Outfit 4

One of my favorite parts of the Fourth of July is sitting around the campfire, making s’mores, singing, laughing and talking with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. By that time of day, we’ve changed into jeans and hoodies, partially because it has cooled off, but mostly to ward off those Minnesota mosquitoes! This year, I’m adding these amazing Mitscoots “The Mark” socks for a little extra USA flair! It’s too late to get your own pair in time for this holiday, but you’ll want to order them now anyways because they are on sale for just $10 AND you can get an extra 20% off your order with the code HWTB20 at checkout!

4th of July Style Collage

How do you wear your red, white, and blue? Which of these Fourth of July outfits fits your style and plans for the holiday?



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Refreshing, Healthy On-the-Go Summer Drinks

I am a #NowWellness Blogger Ambassador. I have received monetary and product compensation for this post. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions, recipes, and ideas are always my own.

Summer is a time of practices and play dates and vacations. Basically, even though things technically “slow down” in the summer, we’re still always on the go, but in a more fun way! Amidst all the travel and play, we have to grab something quick to eat and drink in between activities. It can be hard to keep making healthy choices. 

I’m a big fan of products that make it easy for me to make healthy choices in a hurry, so I’m loving these two mixes from NOW Foods that I can add to my water or juice this summer to keep my body in great working order!

Summer Drinks

I actually love drinking water, but I do prefer some flavoring to add variety. And water is super important for my body, not just for everyday life, but also as a runner. If I’m not getting enough water, my whole body suffers. It is not pleasant.

FullSizeRender 44

I discovered a new flavoring option from NOW Foods that is perfect for on-the-go hydration! Slender Sticks are sugar free drink sticks containing natural ingredients, natural sweeteners, and 10 super fruits! The Acai Lemonade flavor makes for a lovely summer drink that can be enjoyed in a mason jar on my deck or in a water bottle as I shuttle the kids to another summer activity. One packet is enough to flavor a regular 16.9oz water bottle. I’ll be keeping a few packets in my purse for easy use – it’s super delicious!

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want in the summer when we’re traveling is an upset stomach. At home, I have Greek yogurt almost every day, which contains probiotics which help support proper digestion. I can tell a difference when I’m not eating my Greek yogurt. But yogurt doesn’t travel well without refrigeration, so I’ve been looking for other ways to get my probiotics on the go. I’ve found a solution in these great packets from NOW.

FullSizeRender 45

The NOW Probiotic-10 packets are vegetarian-vegan, as well as dairy, wheat and gluten free, and they are super easy to use! This also makes is great option for those who can’t have dairy products. Just add one packet of this unflavored supplement to 4-6 oz of water and drink up to keep your intestinal tract in great working order. Probiotics aren’t glamorous or yummy on their own, but you’ll be glad you added them to your water or favorite juice this summer.

When my body is well-hydrated and my digestion is functioning properly, I can enjoy summer with my family with much more gusto! How do you make sure you are physically at your best during the summer?


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Summer is for S’mores!

I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received an OshKosh B’Gosh gift card to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Can I be honest with you? I’ve kind of always dreaded the arrival of summer. There have been parts of summer I’ve enjoyed – swimming, family vacations, no school – but I just wasn’t crazy about the heat and humidity and being out in it at all.

All of that has been changing this year. Maybe it’s me, but I think it has to do more with my kids. They’re growing up and we’re able to take off on adventures as a family more easily. We’ve been playing outside, exploring our city, staying up later, and I’m starting to think summer can be quite glorious.

OshKosh Happy Brothers
I think the most wonderful of all are the summer nights.
We’ve enjoyed have family play dates with friends in the evening so we can share the joy that is…

OshKosh Smores Supplies


OshKosh J Fire Pit

We are blessed to have a beautiful fire pit and seating area in our backyard, the perfect location for the perfect yummy summer activity for a play date or sleepover!

OshKosh J Fire Pit 2
The combination of a warm fire, gooey treats, and kids is magical.

OshKosh FireOshKosh Brothers Roasting

It’s fun to have variety available when we make s’mores with guests! We mix it up with different chocolates – dark chocolate is my favorite, Big J loves peanut butter cups, and I’ll let you take a guess at the top choice of Little J…

OshKosh Hersheys

With all of the fun chocolate options, every kid can have a custom treat they will enjoy! We somehow ended up with one kiddo who just wants the roasted marshmallow by itself and one who wants all the parts of a s’more, but wants to eat them separately. I just don’t understand.

OshKosh Eating
S’mores and summer fun go hand-in-hand at our house and we love them both even more when we get to share them with friends!

We are also totally loving the new summer play clothes the boys picked out at our local OshKosh B’Gosh store this past week!

OshKosh Surf

I’ve always thought of overalls and denim when OshKosh B’Gosh was mentioned, but they are quickly becoming my go-to store for bright, fun summer looks for my boys. The boys were actually EXCITED to be shopping in the OshKosh B’Gosh store and that is a BIG DEAL!

OshKosh j smile

With sizes 0-12, we were able to shop for all three boys in one store and we had piles of tops and shorts they all loved. The deals at OshKosh B’Gosh were so great that we were able to get everything they wanted – ten tops and four pairs of shorts – for under $100!

OshKosh Shark Face

I can’t get the boys to wear anything excet their new OshKosh B’Gosh clothes and that’s fine with me! I love their bright colors, hand-drawn original designs, and great quality.

OshKosh Shirts

I think these outfits match their personalities quite well, don’t you?! And Little J’s dino shirt (top right) glows in the dark, which is so perfect for an evening play date!

OshKosh Whole Shark

I should probably mention that if you’re going to do s’mores for a play date, please allow some “burning off all that sugar” time. They’ll need it. Trust me.

OshKosh RoamingOshKosh ChaseOshKosh Tackle

See what I mean?!

I love my boys. I love spending summer with them. And I know you will love the new summer styles from OshKosh B’Gosh as much as we do, especially with this great discount through July 13th!


Find your local OshKosh B’Gosh store here, grab your kids, and enjoy finding them some fun new summer clothes together with 25% off your purchase of $30 or more! You can also use this deal online with the code SUMMER25 at checkout.

You can join in on the #HelloSummerFun action and be inspired with OshKosh B’Gosh on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Your turn: talk to me about your favorite s’mores combination! We are always looking for new ideas!

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Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

Summer. Baseball. Family. Fun.

These words just go together, don’t they?!

In Omaha, you can add three more words: College World Series.

Every June, college baseball fans from all over the country converge upon our fair city to cheer on their teams and it is quite the sight to see! The Hubby and I attended a College World Series game back when we were a young married couple without kids. That was back in the days of Rosenblatt Stadium, the long-time location for this baseball championship that is no longer standing.

We hadn’t been back to the College World Series or the festivities surrounding them since they moved to downtown Omaha, but we made it a priority this year! With the boys getting older and being more interested in actually watching the game, this was the perfect year to take it all in!

CWS Opening Day Collage

We had such a fun time attending the Opening Day festivities – meeting players, watching practice, playing games, eating yummy food! It was a great way to see the stadium and teams up close for FREE!

The fun didn’t stop there, though, because The Hubby picked up tickets for us to attend two games, including one featuring LSU, the team our oldest son had decided to cheer for in the tournament! Imagine the excitement when the boys found out we were going! Honestly, I was just as excited as them!

FullSizeRender 37

One of the biggest differences between attending the Opening Day activities and the game was the weather! On Friday, we were wearing hoodies and jeans, but by game day on Tuesday, it was in the upper 80s with LOTS of sunshine! We came equipped with the necessities – hats, sunglasses, water bottles, and plenty of great Banana Boat® sunscreen!

As a mom, I know how important it is to make sun protection a priority. Sunscreen does more than protect against sunburns. It protects against long-term effects that are not always visible, like skin damage and skin cancer.

Banana Boat® sun care products are tested in seven conditions – sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat – to provide safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for the entire family. The Hubby and I prefer Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Lotion Sunscreen with PowerStay Technology™ for our active lifestyles as runners and as busy parents of boys!


Our trip to this ballgame ended with an LSU win, three happy boys, and no sunburn! It was a smashing success and we we went back for more later in the week Looks like we have a new yearly tradition!

Have you had a memorable trip to a baseball game? Tell me about it!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® . The opinions and text are all mine.

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Go to Camp with Mabel’s Labels!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Mabel’s Labels. I received a voucher to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Last year, we sent our first kiddo off to summer camp. I knew he would be just fine, but I still had a bit of a hard time letting him go! All my fears + worries were alleviated when he came back, grinning from ear to ear. He hasn’t stopped talking about all the camp fun since – and it’s almost been a year since he was there!

Summer Camp

This year we’re sending TWO kids to summer camp and they could not be more excited! I am thrilled for them as well, but I know it will take a little extra planning + organization to send them both off to camp at the same time. Our boys are fairly tidy on their own, but I know clothes and other belongings can get mixed up easily in a dorm filled with other boys!

For this very purpose, I’m thrilled with Mabel’s Labels new Limited Edition Camp Label Pack! This is exactly what I need to make sure the boys bring back everything they took to camp! And we had fun picking out the colors and designs for our label pack together. There are so many color and theme choices for animal lovers, sports lovers, and even a camp theme!


With Mabel’s Labels, I know I am getting a quality product that won’t fall off easily – they are laundry, dishwasher, and microwave-safe and come with a 100% guarantee! Each Limited Edition Camp Label Pack comes with:

  • 10 Personalized Name Stickers: 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4″ x 5/8″)
  • 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers: 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2″ x 5/16″)
  • 8 Custom Shoe Stickers: 33mm (1.3″)
  • 50 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels: 21mm x 10mm (13/16″ x 3/8″)
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags: 57mm x 32mm (2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″)


How genius are those shoe stickers?! With all the flip flops floating around, I love that my boys will have theirs labeled and easily identifiable! I’ll be using all 50 of those clothing labels to keep their clothes straight, and the other name stickers will go on everything left over, including toiletries and their Bibles!

If you’re looking to order your own Limited Edition Camp Label Pack before you send your kids off to camp, whether it’s day camp or overnight, I’ve got a fun deal for you! Mabel’s Labels is offering a chance to receive 15 – 50% off or free item coupons! From now through June 22, 2015, sign up for the Mabel’s Labels Newsletter and complete one additional social share, and you will be given a one-time use coupon code! Go to the Mabel’s Labels website to find out which discount you got! Everything you need to sign up is right here:

Mabels Labels Camp Combo

Are your kids going to camp this summer? Which part of the Limited Edition Camp Label Pack would be most useful for you?

Make sure you join the Mabelhood community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how real-life families are using their Mabel’s Labels!

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Schlitterbahn: Something for Everyone!

If you’ve watched the news or been on social media at all in the past week, you’ve heard about Verruckt. It is the world’s tallest water slide and it is set to open to the public today at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City.

Verruckt is taller than the Statue of Liberty and that is just NOT my thing. I know plenty of thrill seekers who are dying to give it a try, but not me. And I’m happy to tell you, whether you’re a daredevil or a mama to littles, our visit to Schlitterbahn this month showed me there is something for everyone there!

Our whole family loves the water, so making a waterpark a part of our vacation was a no-brainer. A few other waterparks were considered, but ultimately eliminated because most of the rides and attractions had height requirements our little munchkins didn’t quite meet. That’s when Schlitterbahn caught The Hubby’s eye.



Although there are several “big kid” slides and rides that require riders to be 48″ or taller, Schlitterbahn is very family-friendly and we spent over six hours at the park and had more than enough thrills and fun suitable for all of us!


For the littles, there is the Kinderhaven + Wyandotte Express train area…


And the Pirate Ship at Henry’s Hideout {with heated water!}…


You can step things up from there but still relax with the Kristal River lazy river…

For a little more excitement, the King Kaw Rapids were a favorite for all of us. Just thrilling enough for the older boys, but safe enough for 2 1/2 year old Double J to enjoy with us riding in the child seat of a tube with a life jacket on. We all went back to the rapids several times!



The Torrent River Wave Pool was tested out by Little j and The Hubby before we all decided to give it a whirl and this was another favorite! Much like the King Kaw Rapids, it was fun and safe for all of us!

Big J and The Hubby had a blast on the Storm Blaster ride, and there are much larger slides like the Twister, Cyclone, Black Knight Tube Slide, and of course, the brand new Verruckt.


We attended the park on a Tuesday and it was busy, but not crowded. We were able to do everything we wanted with very little waiting. Schlitterbahn allows you to bring your own food + drink in, but also offers several food + drink options inside the park. We rented a locker to keep our stuff safe while we had fun and highly recommend this.


I absolutely LOVE that life jackets and tubes are available free! On the website they say these are available in limited quantities, but there were always plenty when we needed them!


I won’t lie: Schlitterbahn is not cheap. Thankfully, Double J was free and we got a discount for buying our tickets online. I was a little nervous about paying that much for a place we knew little about, but after a day there, I would do it again in a heartbeat for a special experience the whole family loved! I talked to a local mom who has a pass they use all summer long – if we lived in the Kansas City area, I would definitely get a pass as we would all want to go back often!


Boys entrance

Couple park
Full park

Family entrance

If Verruckt has you excited about Schlitterbahn, then go for it! But if the opening of Verruckt made you think Schlitterbahn is for the older crowd, I’m here to assure you everyone from the littles to the bigs to the adults in your group will love this waterpark!

Does your family love waterparks? Have you visited Schlitterbahn?

This is NOT a sponsored post. Schlitterbahn has no idea who I am or that I’m writing this. We just loved our experience and I had to share!


Most of the pictures in this post are from our new GoPro HERO 3+ camera {affiliate link}. There is no way I would have used my nice camera at the waterpark and we had a blast taking underwater pictures, videos on the rides, and not worrying about the camera getting ruined! SO MUCH FUN! If your family loves the water and loves to record their adventures, this is the camera to use! I love it so much, I’ll probably do a whole separate post on it!

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50% Off Sandals at Cents of Style!

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Looking for a cute pair of summer sandals that won’t bust your budget? Cents of Style has a solution for you!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/27/14- Sandal Sale- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code SANDALSALE

Today only {6/27/14}, all sandals in the Fashion Friday collection from Cents of Style are 50% off with the code SANDALSALE at checkout! All sandals will be under $20 with some as low as $10! And shipping is FREE!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/27/14- Sandal Sale- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code SANDALSALE

I’m loving all the fun styles and colors in sandals this year, particularly the mint green and coral colors! I always have a go-to black and brown pair, but a bright color on the feet is a great accent to a basic outfit!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/27/14- Upsell Scarf- $2.99

When you order sandals today from Cents of Style, you’ll also be offered this lightweight metallic scarf for just $2.99 as an add-on!

Treat your feet today with this 50% off sandal sale from Cents of Style! Get your style and size quick before they’re gone! And don’t forget the code SANDALSALE to get the discount AND free shipping!

What are your favorite pair of sandals right now?


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Five Ingredients for Summer Fun!

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Whether your kids just got out of school or they’ve been on break for a month now, summer just officially started this past weekend and it is time to start enjoying it! I’m trying to take this summer slower, have more fun, relax, say yes more to the boys, smile and laugh a whole lot, and ENJOY life.

As the summer kicked off, I made a list of things that make summer more fun for me and I’m incorporating all of them in to our every day. This recipe for summer fun is totally working for me, so I had to share! I would love to hear your ideas for each ingredient in the comments!

Ingredients for Summer Fun

Five Ingredients for Summer Fun

Great music

Yep, we are the family who pulls into Costco in our minivan with Star Wars stickers on the back with the bass thumping to some TobyMac. We are all singing along and dancing in our seats and I just love everything about this time. We are in the car a lot going to play dates and the zoo and the pool, so fun tunes make the ride not just bearable, but totally awesome! And if we’re stuck at home, great music really does make for a happy household! Our favorite tunes this summer include TobyMac’s Eye On It, Newsboys’ Restart, Ellie Holcomb’s As Sure as the Sun, Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible, and “Happy” by Pharrell.

Summer smells

Meat cooking on the grill. Sunscreen at the pool and aloe vera afterwards. The smoke from the fire pit in our backyard. Freshly mown grass. Summer rain. Anything and everything citrus. Each season has its own distinct smells and summer is capturing me with them right now. I love adding to the summer smells by diffusing citrus essential oils in our home! Not only do they smell great, but they put me in a great mood, as well!

Summer Tennis Drink

Fresh air

I will freely admit that I prefer the cool air of fall to the hot weather of summer, but fresh air and sunshine make any day better. The kids and I have been intentionally planning at least 60 minutes of outside time every day and it really changes things. I have to put down my to-do list. We notice the big and little things God has given us in His creation. We try new things, get exercise, fill up on vitamin D, and we are all the better for it! Some days, our 60 minutes is met with our time at tennis lessons, but other days we run through the sprinklers or go to the zoo or paint with water on the hot driveway. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing – it just matters that we are breathing in fresh air! And anything involving swimming or water makes it even better!

Summer Camp

Bucket lists

Summer bucket lists are SO much fun for the whole family. Mine looks totally different from the ones the boys made, but we all enjoy reading what each person wants to do over the summer. And it is great fun to help someone get an item checked off his or her list! The boys and I have both checked off riding the skyfari at our local zoo. Big J can now check off church camp. I just checked off writing another magazine article. Goals are good, and while bucket lists aren’t “goal” lists in particular, they do function as a motivator in the same way – just for really fun things! A tennis date with The Hubby, making homemade ice cream, and driving a jet-ski are high on my list next!

Summer Fresh Air

Loosely-held expectations

I ended with this because this is hardest, yet most important, one for me. I have grand ideas for our family and our summer. They aren’t all going to happen. And I need to be okay with that. Even in the day-to-day, I can see God asking me to let go of my plans for the day and leave room for Him to move. My high expectations and the frustration that comes when they aren’t met are usually projected onto my husband and children  – and they never did anything wrong. God spoke to me at the beginning of the summer about going with His flow and embracing grace for myself and my family. Low expectations doesn’t mean I don’t still have lots of fun plans for the summer. I’m just holding on to them more loosely and looking to Him for a better way when things don’t go my way.

The kids are doing tennis and swim lessons and we have a few vacations planned, but overall, this right here is what summer is all about for us: fun and family and grace!

What ingredients would you add to this list for summer fun?

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Free Sunglasses from Cents of Style!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

It’s time to grab some new shades and you can get FREE sunglasses today from Cents of Style!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/13/14- FREE Sunglasses with Any $15.00 Purchase & FREE SHIPPING

Get a free pair of sunglasses with any order over $15 today only! AND use the code SHADES at checkout to get 10% off your order and free shipping!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/13/14- FREE Sunglasses with Any $15.00 Purchase & FREE SHIPPING

Here’s how it all works:

1-Add $15.00 or more worth of product to your cart.
2- Proceed to checkout
3-Pop-up window will offer the free sunglasses
4-Add the free sunglasses to your cart.
5-Add the additional 10% off discount code (SHADES) at checkout. (Make sure final purchase amount is over $15.00 to receive sunglasses)
6-Place the order.

-limit one FREE pair of sunglasses per customer/per order.
please make sure the total spent is $15.00 or more at final checkout, after all discounts. The FREE sunglasses will ONLY be sent with order who fulfill the $15.00 requirement on the final purchase price. 
-offer valid 6/13/14 or while supplies last

The clearance section is a great place to snag major deals while putting together a $15+ order! Check out a few of my favorites: the branch necklace, the bicycle print tank, the multi-metal bangles, and the wrap watch!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/13/14- FREE Sunglasses with Any $15.00 Purchase & FREE SHIPPING


The Kass scarf is a metallic highlighted oblong scarf and comes in 4 colors. It is only $7.95 & FREE SHIPPING today! Buy two for $15.90 and get the FREE sunglasses, too. 3 items- $15.90, $5.30 per item & FREE SHIPPING!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 6/13/14- FREE Sunglasses with Any $15.00 Purchase & FREE SHIPPING

Or get a fun pair of wellies for $19.95, add the free sunglasses, and the rain boots and sunglasses will under $10 each!

The options are endless, but make your choice today and follow the steps above to get your free sunglasses! And don’t forget the code SHADES for 10% off and free shipping!

Happy weekend, friends!


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Summer Reading for the Kids!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Summer is all about fresh air and adventure, but for me it has also always been about reading. From the days of my childhood, summer and reading have always gone hand in hand, as I would always {and still do} devour one book after another during my summer vacation. Reading the whole Anne of Green Gables series in one summer is one of my favorite memories and I’ve decided to journey with Anne again this year – I can’t wait!

I love that libraries and schools and other organizations have made summer reading a fun thing for kids with prizes and promotions. My boys are excited about meeting some big reading goals this summer and we’ve made a list of books to get us going! Some of these will be read-alouds and some will be read on their own. Big J is 8 and Little J is almost 6 and they are both very independent readers, but there is lots of fun in reading a book together as a family!

The books we are most thrilled about are the Growly series from Phil and Erin Ulrich…

For centuries the bears of Haven have lived quiet lives, high in the mountains at the edge of the great Precipice. That all changes for a young cub named Growly when he receives a mysterious message. With just his backpack and glider, Growly sets out on a desperate journey to find his grandfather’s long lost friend . . . and to find a way back home. Written for the 8-12 year old reading level, the series is also a captivating read aloud for younger children and will appeal to anyone who appreciates stories of adventure and friendship. 

Growly the adventurous bear made his way into our home with the first book of the series, Begin, and we have loved and followed him on his journey ever since. We are currently devouring the second book in the series, Widewater. The boys beg for more chapters every night! And part of the excitement may be that they know book three is being released TODAY!

Morning 3d White 500

Morning is the final installment of Growly’s tale and we are all on the edge of our seats following his every step! We can’t wait to see how everything turns out for Growly and his friends – I just KNOW it’s going to be amazing! And there is lots of fun to be had during this Growly launch week!



If your family hasn’t discovered Growly yet, NOW is the time! The first book, Begin, is FREE on Kindle for three days! Once you start the series, you won’t be able to stop!

All books purchased from The Growly Books Website Store this week {June 10-18} will be signed by the authors with the inscription personalized with the name of your choice! AND there are fun freebies over at the Growly site to celebrate all week!

Seriously, my boys and I agree that the Growly books are some of our very favorite we have ever read. They appeal to younger kids as a read-aloud and to older kids {8-12} for their own independent reading pleasure. The whole family will love these adventures! Let me know if you read them and what your kids think!

Here’s what else is on tap for summer reading for the kids…


The Growly Series by Phil and Erin Ulrich

Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Helen L. Taylor

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime by Janet Benge

Independent Reading

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other Roald Dahl books {Big J}

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster {Big J}

Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne {Little J}

Through My Eyes: A Quarterback’s Journey by Tim Tebow {at Big J’s request!}


What books are your kids reading this summer?


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