UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Savana as they really need the pressure in her head to come down. When there are more details, I will write a new post to fill you in. If you have a prayer chain at your church, would you please pass her name along? Thank you again.

Thank for those of you who have been praying for Savana. You can read what happened here if you haven’t already.

The outlook for her from a medical perspective is not good at this point. I was in tears as we drove home from MOPS this morning. Jeremiah asked why I was sad.

Me: “Savana is still hurt really badly. We need to keep praying for her.”

Big J: “It’s ok, Mommy. God is fixing her.”

Me: “That’s right, He is.”

Big J: “What is wrong with her?”

Me: “She has some bleeding in her head.”

Big J: “Maybe she needs some band aids.”

If only a band aid was enough.

But his words touched my heart.

Lord, please help me to have faith like a child.