Veggie Tales is a necessity at our house. I can’t imagine our home without it. We especially love the DVDs that come out for each holiday and this year is no exception!

VeggieTales: The Little Drummer Boy!
Here’s the story…
In this Veggie-version of a holiday classic, Junior Asparagus stars as The Little Drummer Boy, a lonely child who fins the true meaning of Christmas when he stumbles upon the birth of the baby Jesus. A story of hope, love, and forgiveness, this timeless tale will warm the hearts of children everywhere!
You can check out a trailer for this adorable new DVD here! And a great Veggie Tales movie wouldn’t be complete without a new Silly Song – “The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas!”
We only received this DVD this fall and it is already a favorite! The boys especially love Junior’s drumming 🙂

You can buy The Little Drummer Boy on Amazon (only $8.99 right now!) or wherever DVDs are sold!

And, as always, Veggie Tales is all about giving back as well! Have you heard about the VeggieTales and World Vision Gift Catalog Partnership?!
VeggieTales and World Vision are excited to partner together to give families the opportunity to put that message into action. World Vision’s Gift Catalog offers goats, chickens, clean water and more than 100 other unique and meaningful gifts that provide love, hope and joy to children and families in need.
What better way to follow up the message of The Little Drummer Boy than with an act of giving as a family? Please take some time to check out the catalog, pray about what your family could do, and include your children in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate this Christmas!
I also want to mention two other new Veggie Tales DVDs to consider as gifts this year! They are compilations of Veggie Tales favorites that focus on listening and helping others!

Bob Lends a Helping Hand includes “Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue” & “Lyle the Kindly Viking” plus a brand new story featuring the new song “A Helping Hand!”

Larry Learns to Listen features a brand new story with Larry and a video game, as well as “Pistachio” and “Josh & the Big Wall!”

Veggie Tales DVDs are a great gift for both entertainment AND Biblical values! Do you have a favorite Veggie Tales DVD?


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