This year, I discovered the wonderful organization, fashionABLE. I fell in love with their scarves first, but after receiving my first order with a note from the woman who made it, I fell even more in love with the organization itself.


And this is how it all began three years ago…

Over 85 million people live in Ethiopia, with half living in extreme poverty. While living in Ethiopia, Barrett Ward (founder of the Mocha Club: saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced so many young girls and women to make awful choices for money. Lacking meaningful resources and a sense of hope, many women resort to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves and their families. While these women are often desperate to leave the sex industry, many remain trapped by a lack of opportunity and rehabilitative support.

Barrett wanted to figure out a way to give women another choice – one that would provide an opportunity to earn a living, rather than establish a dependency on charity. For this purpose, fashionABLE was conceived. fashionABLE now sources African-made scarves and leather goods to retailers and customers across the United States – enabling further job creation and social change in Ethiopia. By providing jobs, the fashionABLE approach has changed how people think about solving extreme poverty.

With those beginnings in mind, each product is named for one of the heroic women we work with, and has a part of her story attached to each scarf telling the consumer what she is ABLE to do because of the purchase.

Just beautiful. And so amazing to see where they have come from there!

fashionABLE is celebrating its THIRD birthday today and putting on a fabulous sale to celebrate! Now through Friday, everything is 30% off! EVERYTHING!

30% off EVERYTHING means the gorgeous, handmade scarves start at less than $20! You will not believe how thick and well-made these scarves are – one of my favorite scarves in my whole closet, because of the look and feel, but also because of the story behind it!


And leather is on sale as well!

Tigist Clutch

The Tigist leather clutch was one of those items I wasn’t sure I would use much, but it has become my iPad mini case and my small purse replacement for certain occasions. I use it ALL the time!

Open Clutch

The leather clutch is normally $78 {and WELL worth that}, but for the next three days, it is only $54.60!

Celebrate fashionABLE‘s third birthday with the 30% off sale through Friday – a great chance to get beautiful, meaningful presents for special people in your life AND yourself!

Through your purchase, you are ABLE to provide opportunity and a woman is ABLE to have a new choice.

Happy THIRD birthday, fashionABLE!