Yep, it’s that magical time when picks another giveaway winner!

Thank you for all the comments – you would all love this book!

By the way, I lent my copy to a friend and she texted me tonight to say that she laughed out loud through the whole first chapter! I think I did through the whole book!

Anyway, the random winner of “Hear No Evil” is…

#20 – Bobby

I love his musical memory:

Bobby said…
My favorite musical memory is of my college job as a server at Johnny Rockets, a 50’s type diner where the servers sing and dance. I have no idea how I even got the job, being a horrible dancer and even worse singer, but I nonetheless found myself disco dancing to “Stayin’ Alive” while customers pointed and laughed. While this was certainly not my favorite period of personal history, I always smile when I look back and think about my horrendous Johnny Rockets performances. 🙂

So fun!

Congrats Bobby! Please e-mail me your info and I will get the book sent to you right away!

More giveaways coming soon so stay tuned!