These boys are way too busy growing up! Jeremiah spent his first night in a “big boy bed” Saturday night. His crib is convertible so we made it into a toddler bed to get him used to it before his real bed comes. He did fall out once – and fell asleep with Elmo on the floor – but otherwise there were no problems!

Jeremiah is also realizing the power of prayer. Stephen had a headache on Wednesday night. Jeremiah looked at me and said, “Mommy pray Daddy’s headache.” We were both a little shocked, but I sat down with him and we prayed for Daddy’s headache. He told us “God heals” (which they have been learning about in Sunday school). When we were done praying, he looked at Stephen and said, “Daddy headache all better!” It was a very proud moment 🙂

Joshua rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time yesterday – just seconds after I asked Stephen, “Should I be worried that he hasn’t rolled over yet?” He is a very squirmy boy and manages to spin himself in almost a complete circle when he lays on the floor! Stay tuned for more movement updates! He also likes to sit in the Bumbo seat – I love that it makes him look even chubbier 🙂

Boy, these fingers are yummy!