I know it’s been a while.

The fact is: our boys sleep better in different rooms. That means I have to give up the computer when they are asleep. Jeremiah sleeps in his room with the humidifier running right now (we’re all sick) and Joshua sleeps in the guest room downstairs with the heater running (he likes it really warm). And, of course, the computer is in the guest room.

Updating this blog and other computer activities don’t work very well when the boys are awake and the result is…a neglected blog 🙁 That’s ok – lack of computer time is a small price to pay for sleep.

So here is my quick family update before the boys get into any trouble (that means I have about 60 seconds!):
Stephen: Started second semester of medical school, doing well, still commuting every day, loves “guy time” with the boys
Erin: Cooking, baking, subbing a few times a month, helping with youth group
Jeremiah: Singing all the time, into everything, very stubborn (where could he have gotten that from?), very loving and compassionate – especially to his brother
Joshua: Trying to crawl, sitting up, not real excited about solids but chews on everything else, watches everything his brother does (oh no, we’re in trouble!)

I am working on a solution…no idea what that will be…a laptop? (not really at the top of our priority list) I’ll let you know if I come up with anything 🙂